calabrian history: Luigi Lilio

How a Calabrian Leap of Faith Changed the World

If it wasn’t for this brilliant Calabrian you and I wouldn’t even know what day it was, but unfortunately, his great contribution bears someone’s name. As Michele Connors explains, Luigi Lilio, one of the greatest minds in Calabrian history, changed the way we see the world. Welcome, Michele. How much Calabrian history has been lost to the hands of time…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Summer Travel Tips for Your Trip to Calabria

Ahhh, the dog days of summer – hot days, cool beaches and if you are lucky, even cooler summer vacations to southern Italy. If you are planning a trip this summer, you’ve probably done your homework. You’ve narrowed your must-see list, settled on hotels, chosen beaches, mountains and villages you’d like to explore. But are you really ready? Here are…

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Southern Italy Snapshots: Sardinia

The last couple of months, we’ve traveled through Calabria, Puglia, Molise, Basilicata, Campania, Abruzzo and Sicily. In our final Southern Italy Snapshots installment, we’re traveling off of the mainland to the photo-worthy island of Sardinia.

Southern Italy Snapshots: Abruzzo

Since January, we’ve traveled through six of southern Italy’s most beautiful regions, including Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, Molise, Basilicata and Campania, all via some of the most beautiful photos on Flickr. Today the Southern Italy Snapshot series continues with Abruzzo.

Southern Italy Snapshots: Molise

Over the last three months, we’ve taken a pictorial tour of southern Italy as seen through the lens of some fabulous Flickr photographers. We have stopped in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Campania and today, we’re heading to Italy’s second smallest region, Molise, for another glimpse of Southern Italy Snapshots.

Southern Italy Snapshots: Campania

Through the Southern Italy Snapshots series we’ve visited four of Italy’s southern-most regions, including world-famous Sicily, popular Puglia, laid-back Basilicata and my adopted home region and personal favorite, Calabria. Today, we are heading a bit north into another one of my favorite regions, Campania.

Southern Italy Snapshots: Basilicata

The last couple of months, we’ve traveled through Puglia, Calabria and Sicily via some of the most beautiful Flickr photos of southern Italy. Today the Southern Italy Snapshot series is heading slightly north into Basilicata.

Southern Italy Snapshots: Puglia

Our Southern Italy Snapshots series is into full swing and we’ve stopped both in bella Calabria and hopped off of the mainland with a visit to world-famous Sicily. Today we are at the back of the boot in Puglia, a region that is quickly becoming a must-see destination in the bel paese.

Southern Italy Snapshots: Sicily

A couple of weeks ago we kicked off our Southern Italy Snapshots series with five beautiful Flickr pictures of Calabria. Today, we are heading 10 kilometers off of the mainland to the world-famous island … Sicily.

Southern Italy Snapshots: Calabria

While it is always fun to travel around Italy snapping shots and capturing the bel paese in all of her thousands-year-old glory, sometimes it is fun to take a look at what others are doing. Over the next few months, I’ll be showcasing some of my favorite photos of Italy’s southern regions taken by fellow Italophiles and posted (under creative…

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