Traveling in Campania


Beautiful Gardens in Southern Italy

Just imagine the perfect Spring day. The sky is the most vibrant blue you’ve ever seen and there isn’t a single cloud in the sky. The sun is shining, and you can feel it’s warmth on your skin. You welcome that light fresh breeze that makes the temperature just the right blend of warm and...
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Sentiero Degli Dei, Amalfi Coast

Take A Hike! Hiking in Southern Italy

Southern Italy’s untapped rugged beauty with varying degrees of mountains and valleys, long winding shorelines, and let’s not forget, some of the largest and most protected national parks and reserves in Italy, make it the perfect place to visit if you love nature and hiking. You don’t have to be an expert to experience all...
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Where to Stay in Southern Italy

Where you stay is a very important part of any travel plan.  Nowadays there are many options in terms of places to stay and depending on the type of vacation you are planning, your accommodations can play a huge role in making or breaking your traveling experience. Here’s a look at different types of accommodations...
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Positano Romantic Spots Amalfi Coast Campania Italy

The Most Romantic Spots in Southern Italy

Italy is famous for romance, from the original Casanova to modern day love affairs with Italy like Under the Tuscan Sun. With its gorgeous coastlines, seaside villages and mountaintop hideaways, southern Italy is the ideal spot for a romantic holiday in Italy. But just where should you go? Oh, the choices! We’ve narrowed it down...
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Amalfi Beach Campania Travel

How to Hit the Beach in Southern Italy

Cute new swimsuit … check. Great summer beach read … check. SPF … check. (Hey, we can’t all be tanned and beautiful the moment we hit the beach!) Summer holiday to southern Italy … check! So you’re ready to do some serious relaxing along one of Italy’s beautiful beaches this summer? Before you head out...
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The History of Pizza in Naples

Is there anything that says Italy more than pizza? Biting into the perfect pizza is just heaven! While you’ll find excellent pizza all over Italy, there’s one place that’s absolutely the top – Naples. This is where pizza was born and where it’s still king. Come along as we take a look at the history...
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The Espresso Break Book Review

I started a new series last week that highlights books about or set in various parts of Southern Italy. We kicked it off with Campania and today my friend, and newest addition to the My Bella Vita Travel team, Laura Thayer, is here to give us her take on one of those books. Benvenuta, Laura!...
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Southern Italy Book Series: Campania

Welcome to the Southern Italy Books Series – a place to share about all the great books set in southern Italy! If you’re like me and love geting lost in good story set in Italy or read about a new place before traveling, then this series will help you find the perfect book. Let’s kick...
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Undiscovered Southern Italy: Vallo di Diano

It’s no secret I’m a fan of off-the-beaten-track Italy. I love discovering new, under-appreciated locations and I love even more to be able to share them with you. Vallo di Diano is in the province of Salerno in southern Campania and is part of Italy’s second largest national park. It borders Basilicata and encompasses 17...
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In Pursuit of the Perfect Parmigiana

If there is one thing expats in southern Italy can agree on, it’s that we have the. best. food. in the country. Ok, ok, expats in other parts of Italy … back off! Your food rocks, too. But I have that whole southern pride thing going on and nothing makes me prouder than reviewing a...
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