Undiscovered Southern Italy: Vallo di Diano

vallo di diano

It’s no secret I’m a fan of off-the-beaten-track Italy. I love discovering new, under-appreciated locations and I love even more to be able to share them with you.

Vallo di Diano is in the province of Salerno in southern Campania and is part of Italy’s second largest national park. It borders Basilicata and encompasses 17 municipalities.

Even with all of my southern Italy travels, I’ve yet to personally experience the wonders of Valdiano, so I’m happy to introduce you today to fellow southern Italophile, Settimio Rienzo, director of Visit Vallo Diano.

Benvenuto, Settimio!

Vallo di Diano is a beautiful valley that is located in the Province of Salerno. It is rich in nature and cultural heritage and is conveniently placed near major tourist destinations in Southern Italy.

This area is characterized by historical and artistic treasures, well preserved monuments and attractive hilltop towns, such as Teggiano, Monte San Giacomo, Sassano, Sanza, Pertosa and Padula, where you will find the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site, Certosa di San Lorenzo. (Seen below.)

Vallo di Diano has a number of of natural trails, routes and itineraries where you can enjoy the Cilento and Vallo di Diano Natural Reserve, one of the most important protected areas in the country while exploring caves, such as the captivating Grotte di Pertosa. (Seen below.)

vallo di diano - caves

In this area, visitors will discover remains from different periods from ancient Greece to the Middle Ages. Churches, castles and Monasteries characterize the towns and there is a local charm and hospitality that will rival anywhere else in Italy.

For more information, see Visit Vallo di Diano or ask Cherrye to include a stop in Vallo di Diano on your southern Italy itinerary.

Photos: Partecipiamo, Minniti and Maria Concetta Mauge via Panoramio

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  1. Would love to take a trip and visit Italy. I always here such great things about peoples travels would love to experience it for myself.

    You’d love it, here. There is something for everyone in southern Italy!

  2. We’ve visited Campania on several occasions and loved it there, staying in Castellabate and other places. We’ve driven all around and found it a beautiful place not (yet?) discovered by foreigners looking for an expat life in the sun as they have in Tuscany, Puglia and so forth. I’m wondering, are there any expats at all in the area around and south of Castellabate and in the Vallo di Diano?

    I’m not sure – maybe they’d be on Expats in Italy forum?

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