The Best Beaches in Calabria

Calabria is truly a jewelry box of picture-perfect beaches and diverse natural landscapes. With roughly 800 kilometers of coastline straddling both the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas, this southernmost region offers a breathtaking array of coastal experiences. From the secluded coves of the north to the vibrant shores of the south that buzz with a festival-like atmosphere, Calabria’s beaches remain largely underappreciated by international tourists. 

This guide is designed to give you plenty of inspiration for your next adventure in Italy, uncovering spots that cater to every preference, from serene sandy stretches to rocky diving havens.

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(Capo Vaticano – Source/License)

Grotticelle (Capo Vaticano)

Grotticelle beach is found in the natural wonderland of Capo Vaticano. Set against a landscape that oscillates between flat terrains, mountainous areas, and serene beaches, Grotticelle wows with its unique blend of granite cliffs, Mediterranean scrub, and idyllic shores. The beach offers a striking chromatic contrast where the lush greenery meets the azure of the sea, complemented by the pristine white sands. 

The air is fragrant with the spicy scents of thyme, myrtle, and rosemary, enhancing the sensory experience. Whether you’re snorkeling in the clear waters, exploring the diverse seabed, or simply soaking in the picturesque views, Grotticelle promises a memorable day at the beach!

Marinella di Zambrone

Marinella di Zambrone offers an exclusive escape to those willing to navigate its challenging path. Nestled beneath a rocky outcrop, this secluded beach dazzles with its bright white sands and crystal-clear waters. A haven for snorkelers, the beach’s shallow waters are teeming with marine life, inviting hours of underwater exploration. 

The dramatic cliffs, adorned with lush Mediterranean flora, provide a stunning backdrop to the serene beachscape. Despite its somewhat inaccessible route, the journey is well rewarded with breathtaking views and a peaceful ambiance. 

(Tropea Beach Source/License)

Marasusa Beach (Tropea)

Marasusa Beach, with its white sands and calm aqua waters, lies at the foot of stunning cliffs topped with ancient dwellings. This beach not only offers a picturesque setting for relaxation but also provides a glimpse into Southern Italy’s rich historical heritage. Unspoiled by mass tourism, Tropea maintains an authentic Italian seaside experience, making it a prized destination for both beachgoers and culture enthusiasts.

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Riace Beach

A stone’s throw from Tropea, Riace Beach is a serene alternative, ideal for those seeking to avoid the crowds. Known for excellent snorkeling, its unique underwater landscapes are defined by large rock formations. The beach caters to a variety of preferences, offering both secluded coves for explorers and convenient amenities like sunbed rentals and a beachside restaurant. 

Riace Beach is a family-friendly locale that also appeals to adventure seekers, with the nearby U Vapuri shipwreck providing an exciting dive site. 

(Scilla’s Marina Grande by Night Source/License)

Scilla Beach

Scilla Beach, set along the mesmerizing Costa Viola, offers a panoramic view that’s particularly striking at sunset when the sea glimmers in shades of violet. Dominated by the imposing Castello Ruffo, the beach resembles a fairytale setting. Marina Grande stretches nearly a kilometer, affording ample space for leisure and beach clubs, alongside a variety of dining options. 

The blue waters invite beachgoers who enjoy swimming in the sea, though the quick descent into deeper waters calls for caution with younger swimmers.

(Praia a Mare – Source/License)

Dino Island (Praia a Mare)

Named after the Greek word for ‘storm’, Dino Island’s once perilous waters now beckon divers to explore its biodiverse seabeds. Surrounded by untouched nature and rare plants, it offers a winning combination of terrestrial and aquatic wonders. This island is a diver’s dream, presenting a vivid mosaic of flora and fauna beneath its waves.

(The Famous Arc at San Nicola ArcellaSource/License)

Arcomagno Beach (San Nicola Arcella)

Arcomagno Beach, bordered by towering cliffs, features a secluded cove under a rocky arch that frames the sun’s descent perfectly – this is the ideal choice for the photographers among you. 

Here, the mix of fiery golds and aquamarines at sunset creates a wondrous spectacle. Despite its coarse sand and cooler waters, influenced by mountain streams, the beach’s isolation ensures a peaceful retreat. Remember to pack essentials, as the lack of facilities adds to its untouched charm. 

(The Island of Cirella from Diamante Source/License)


Diamante might not boast pristine sands or a picturesque old town, but its vibrant street murals and culinary delights draw a stylish Italian crowd. Strolling through the old town reveals a canvas of colorful murals, leading to a waterfront market bustling on weekends. The town is celebrated for its spicy peppers and sausages, with local stalls offering tantalizing preserves. A visit isn’t complete without trying the hot panini.


Soverato, tucked away on the Bay of Squillace’s eastern coast, boasts a white sandy beach that’s a magnet for beach lovers. This beautiful beach on the Ionian Sea is famed for its vibrant promenade, excellent boating options, and busy nightlife that pulses into the early hours.

The area’s geography uniquely merges the cool mountain air with the warm sea breeze. Culture vultures will find Soverato a rewarding destination, from the ancient Scolacium Archaeological Park to the historic streets of Catanzaro. Venture south to discover medieval marvels like Gerace and Stilo.

(The Tremendous Castle at Le Castella Source/License)

Le Castella

Le Castella, a picturesque spot on Capo Rizzuto, gained fame when the New York Times highlighted it as a must-visit Calabrian destination. Imagine lounging under an umbrella with the town’s famous Medieval castle in view, or enjoying a local dish in a quaint trattoria overlooking the sea. 

Beyond the beach, the area is rich with attractions, from the Capo Rizzuto natural reserve to the ancient sites of Capo Colonna and Crotone. Santa Severina offers a charming detour with its impressive castle and churches.

Belvedere Marittimo

Belvedere Marittimo invites visitors to its modern marina and beach before enticing them upwards to its historic center. The town, crowned by Norman castle ruins, offers panoramic views from the Chiesa Santa Maria del Popolo. Wander through the medieval laneways, past the elegant Palazzo Perez, and you’ll feel the town’s storied past come alive.

(The Beach at Pizzo Source/License)

Seggiola Beach (Pizzo Calabro)

The Seggiola beach at Pizzo Calabro with its dramatic backdrop of an imposing castle, offers first-class evening vistas. The town is synonymous with ice cream, so ensure you get yourself some traditional Italian gelato while you’re here.

Roseto Capo Spulico

Roseto Capo Spulico in Cosenza is a testament to the immense natural beauty of Calabria. Surrounded by pine, citrus, and olive groves, its beach offers a magnificent retreat from the bustling tourist spots of the surrounding region. The pebbled shores and crystalline waters are a paradise for snorkelers. Meanwhile, the Roseto Castle, standing majestically over the Ionian Sea, adds historical wonder to this gorgeous beach.

Calabria is an uncharted paradise just waiting to be explored! Its secluded beaches and untouched landscapes offer an authentic view of Italy’s natural splendor, where you’ll get to experience Italy like a local. 

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Calabria’s shores promise an unforgettable experience. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, sunbathe on white sandy beaches, and let the charm of Calabria’s coast enchant you! If you have any questions, please contact us.