What Customers Say About Our Trips to Calabria

We are a loyal fun-loving, wine-drinking, gelato-eating clan that is totally enamored with all things southern Italy.
Calabrians by birth, heritage or adoption (we are looking at you, Cherrye!), it’s our goal for travelers to experience southern Italy through our eyes.

Cherrye Moore

Founder & CEO & Certified Travel Counselor

Cherrye created My Bella Vita Travel after relocating from southeast Texas to central Calabria in 2006. After graduating with a degree in Communication from Lamar University she planned special events and intimate weddings at Walt Disney World in Orlando, lead VIP tours at Disneyland Paris and then returned to LU to head new student events and programming.

Cherrye oversees sales, client relations and general business development at My Bella Vita Travel. She is always willing to sample a new local wine and will try (almost!) anything once. Raw seafood – ok. Organ meat? Forget it.

In addition to her duties with My Bella Vita Travel, she has written for both DK Eyewitness and Michelin Guides. She also enjoys Pilates, Yoga, and worldschooling/ homeschooling her 12-year-old son, Max.

Favorite Southern Italian Experience

Her favorite southern Italian experience is gathering with friends for an early evening aperitivo in a busy piazza.



Peppe, Cherrye’s all-time favorite Calabrian (to which she admits being totally biased!) grew up in Catanzaro and has lived in Paris, Bologna and most recently, southeast Texas. He graduated with an MBA from the Università degli Studi Magna Graecia in Catanzaro and is fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish. After working in Park Operations at Disneyland Paris, where he and Cherrye met, he established a B&B in his family’s ancestral home.

He manages day-to-day Italian operations and communications for the My Bella Vita Travel team, spending hours tracking down ‘the person who can say yes’ and then confirming (and reconfirming) that everyone is on the same page. Ironically, his favorite Catanzarese dish is morzello – a spicy tripe dish served on pitta bread. When he isn’t busy with My Bella Vita Travel, he’s either studying a new language, eyeing his home for a new DIY project, or hanging out with his tweenager, Max.

Favorite Calabrian Experience

His favorite Calabrian experience is going to the near-deserted beaches at daybreak and enjoying the Ionian Sea “before the teenagers wake up.”


Writer & Social Media Manager

Lulu was born in Toronto to a Canadian mother and Calabrese father. While she loves Canada, Calabria called her home and she’s spent the last six years living and working in her ancestral province – Cosenza. Before moving to Italy, Lulu worked as a publicist in the music industry alongside acts from all over the world. The exciting life of a publicist took her from television studios to red carpets, CD release parties to music festivals. It also involved countless hours writing biographies and press releases and from there her passion for writing and telling stories took flight.

She is My Bella Vita Travel’s resident writer and social media mogul. She keeps the team current on breaking news in southern Italy and is the first to brainstorm new ideas, solutions and marketing avenues. In her free time, she enjoys trying new recipes, discovering new places in southern Italy, yoga, and cozying up to a good book.

Favorite Calabrian Experience

Her favorite Calabrian experience involves mingling with the locals during their evening passeggiata. Gelato, optional.

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