Meet Cherrye Moore

Founder & CEO
Certified Travel Counselor

Cherrye Moore

Founder & CEO

Cherrye created My Bella Vita Travel after relocating from southeast Texas to central Calabria in 2006. After graduating with a degree in Communication from Lamar University she planned special events and intimate weddings at Walt Disney World in Orlando, lead VIP tours at Disneyland Paris and then returned to LU to head new student events and programming.

Cherrye oversees sales, client relations and general business development at My Bella Vita Travel. She is always willing to sample a new local wine and will try (almost!) anything once. Raw seafood – ok. Organ meat? Forget it.

In addition to her duties with My Bella Vita Travel, she has written for both DK Eyewitness and Michelin Guides. She also enjoys Pilates, Yoga, and worldschooling/ homeschooling her 12-year-old son, Max.

Favorite Southern Italian Experience

Her favorite southern Italian experience is gathering with friends for an early evening aperitivo in a busy piazza.

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