The Best of Calabria and Malta Tour (May)


Embrace the Charm of Calabria and Malta on Our Unforgettable Tour

Discover the captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage of two stunning Mediterranean destinations with our Calabria and Malta Tour. This 10-day journey, expertly curated to showcase the best of both regions, combines the highlights of Calabria with a Sicilian stopover and four nights on the breathtaking island nation of Malta.

Begin your adventure in Cherrye’s adopted home province of Catanzaro, where you’ll explore ancient olive groves, thriving mulberry orchards, and the Swiss-like La Sila mountains.

Savor award-winning wines and mouthwatering Calabrese cuisine before venturing south across the Strait of Messina to Sicily. There, sample wines from the volcanic soils of Mt. Etna and relax at a seaside hotel on the enchanting island of Ortigia.

The next leg of your journey takes you to Malta, where you’ll immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this unique island nation. Explore the UNESCO-listed city of Valletta, embark on a private boating excursion, and visit a traditional Maltese farm to learn about local cuisine.

Cook authentic Maltese dishes and indulge in a private dinner, specially curated for our group and based on ancient recipes from the Knights of Malta.

Our cultural tour in Malta and Calabria promises a one-of-a-kind experience, blending the most alluring aspects of these Mediterranean gems to create an unforgettable adventure.

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Are Custom Vacations just for independent travelers or can I have a guide and/or driver with me during my trip?

We love private tours and can often include extra fun elements that aren’t available to individual travelers. If you’d like a bilingual escort or driver, just let us know. We’ll be happy to plan your custom vacation accordingly.

What is the differences in a travel consultant, a travel agent and a tour operator?

This is a great question because there is sometimes overlap amongst the three which leads to confusion. To keep it quick though, a travel consultant is a local expert, meaning she only focuses on a specific part of the world, in some cases one country, in other cases (like mine) part of one country. This person usually lives (or has lived for an extended amount of time) in the place she consults on and has an intimate knowledge of the area.

A travel agent is similar in that she helps her clients put their trips together. A travel agent can specialize in a country but oftentimes hasn’t lived there and/or may not have traveled to all of the places her clients are going. A travel agent can search for and book flights and cruises that travel consultants can’t or choose not to book.

I often work with travel agents who want to ensure they are offering the best service to their clients. The travel agent will contact me and together we’ll put the Calabria/southern Italy section of their client’s vacation together.

A tour operator packages trip elements into travel packages that they either sell directly or through travel agents. Some travel consultants (like me) are registered as a tour operator for legal business purposes.

Travel agents are paid by commission – why don’t you just accept commission?

When you book a custom vacation, there is more going into your trip than simply recommending a hotel or a cooking class. I am invested in my clients’ trips and I work with them to choose the right base locations, to map out their ideal route and to ensure the hotels, guides, excursions and activities are right for them.

It’s been estimated the average person spends 100 hours researching, planning and booking a vacation. My clients either don’t have this kind of time to devote to planning their trip or they want to ensure they are making the right decisions for their vacation.

Besides the fact that I’m being paid by my clients to plan their trips, I choose not to accept commissions from hotels, car companies, chefs or other vendors because I don’t like the potential conflict of interest. If I don’t accept commission from anyone, then my clients know I always have their best interest in mind.

Do you book flights?

I don’t – but I can either coordinate with your travel agent, recommend an agent to you for group travel or tell you about the airlines I personally choose when I’m traveling.



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