Custom Tours of Italy

Whisked Away on a Beautiful Adventure: Ready for a unique Italian escapade tailored just for you? Let My Bella Vita Travel craft your enchanting sojourn in Italy!

Dive into a Custom My Bella Vita Travel Vacation in Italy

A custom My Bella Vita Travel Vacation is designed to make your Italian dreams a reality, organized meticulously around your wishes and desires. Imagine your very own itinerary, boutique accommodations, immersive tours, unforgettable day trips, and the little extras that make memories eternal – all curated to reflect your distinct travel style and budget. (Don’t feel you require a custom travel option? Browse our Small Group Tours in Calabria.)

Whether you dream of a snug three-night escapade or an epic month-long odyssey, we have options for you (most adventurers find their sweet spot between 8-14 mesmerizing days).

Carefully Crafting Your Bespoke Vacation in Italy, Step-by-Step

Expressed Desires: Begin by sharing your travel dreams with us. Let’s begin your Italian adventure with a complimentary 15-minute conversation, unearthing your travel goals and discussing what you’d like to see and experience.

Our Detailed Itinerary: If our travel ideas leave you inspired and ready to go, let’s delve deeper with an in-depth one-hour consultation. We’ll discuss potential destinations and enchanting experiences. The fee is $250 of which 100% is applied to the cost of your trip.

Tell us about your dream Calabria trip

Once you approve your proposal and per-person price, you will pay a vacation deposit of 50% (minus the $250), and we’ll book your trip.

Approximately 60 days before you travel, you will pay your balance, and one month before your trip, you will be sent your full itinerary, contact information, travel tips, and more.

We will confirm everything before you arrive in Italy and be available during your vacation via WhatsApp, and phone calls.

What My Bella Vita Travel Promises

Fully Customized Adventure
Uncover the heartbeats of each region: culinary wonders, artisanal crafts, and exclusive guides on dining, shopping, heritage, packing, and more. Make memories to last a lifetime!

24/7 Consultant
We remain by your side, ready to troubleshoot, guide, and offer recommendations throughout your escapade. Pre-voyage, any questions can be answered by our team.

Who Dances The My Bella Vita Travel Tarantella?

Those whose hearts:
  • Yearn for every Italian second to be filled with wonder
  • Seek to uncover the authentic secrets of the land
  • Shy away from the mundane digital chase of tours, classes, and transfers
  • Wish to save countless hours in trying to craft their dream tapestry
  • Seek the serenity of travel organized by expert locals
  • Desire a pre-paid journey, free from the clutches of hefty euro bundles
  • Value the comfort of an ever-present trip manager, ready to converse, translate, and counsel
  • Want the assurance of a caring tour operator watching over every step

How About Costs?

The bespoke nature of our tours makes an arbitrary cost impossible. However, a week for two in Italy’s enchanting embrace tends to start at €3,500 per person in a shared room.

Sample 10-day Custom Vacation in Italy

Day 1: Check-In at Palazzo Caruso

Start your tour with a luxurious stay at Palazzo Caruso, nestled between the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. This boutique hotel, with a rich history dating back to the 16th century, offers an ideal base to explore Rome’s ancient wonders.

Day 2: Tour of Ancient Rome & Wine Tasting

Embark on a 4-hour guided tour through Rome’s historic center, visiting iconic landmarks like the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum. Experience the grandeur of ancient Rome and its emperors. End your day with a private wine and cheese tasting with a local sommelier.

Day 3: Golf Cart Tour of Rome

Enjoy a leisurely morning exploring Rome at your own pace. In the afternoon, take a private golf cart tour through historic Rome, including stops at the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and more, complete with a gelato break.

Day 4: Transfer to Cortona & Orvieto Tour

Enjoy a private transfer to Cortona with a lunch stop in Orvieto, dining in a beautiful square. Post-lunch, delve into Orvieto’s ancient streets, churches, palaces, and underground caves with your guide. Conclude your day by arriving in Cortona for an overnight stay.

Day 5: Day in Cortona

Spend your day exploring Cortona at your leisure. Discover its Etruscan roots, visit the Academia Etrusca and Roman Museum, explore the Archaeological Park Of Sodo, and enjoy the bustling Piazza della Repubblica. Savor local Tuscan cuisine and visit the famous Villa Bramasole.

Day 6: Florence Day Trip

Depart early for Florence, where you’ll have a guided tour including skip-the-line access to see Michelangelo’s David and explore the Santa Croce Basilica. Immerse yourself in Florence’s rich history and art at the Accademia and Uffizi Gallery. Return to Cortona by train for another overnight stay.

Day 7: Wine Tour

Embark on a private transfer to a prestigious winery, once owned by the Count of Bracci. Enjoy a tour that showcases traditional Nobile di Montepulciano and innovative Syrah wines, set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes. Return to your villa in Cortona for the night.

Day 8: Culinary Evening in Cortona

Spend another day exploring Cortona at your leisure, with recommendations for sightseeing provided. In the evening, a private chef will teach you to prepare a seasonal, three-course Italian dinner in the comfort of your home, offering a perfect culinary conclusion to your Cortona stay.

Day 9: Amalfi Coast Transfer with Tivoli Stop

Travel to the Amalfi Coast with a guided stop in Tivoli to explore the opulent Villa d’Este & Villa Adriana, showcasing ancient Rome’s luxury with its famed gardens and fountains. Arrive in Positano, check into a historical seaside hotel with Mediterranean decor and sea views.

Day 10: Day in the Amalfi Coast

Enjoy a day on the stunning Amalfi Coast at your own pace. Discover the beauty of Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, and other charming villages. Explore local specialties like handmade paper, colorful ceramics, limoncello, and Costa d’Amalfi DOC wines amidst breathtaking Mediterranean views.

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