Guide to Winery Tours and Wine Tastings in Calabria

Calabria, often regarded as one of Italy’s earliest wine-producing regions, contributes a mere 0.2% to the country’s total wine output, but while its production is modest, the quality and diversity of its wines are noteworthy. 

Most of Calabria’s wines don’t find their way beyond local boundaries, making a trip to the region essential for anyone keen on tasting its unique offerings. Red wines dominate the Calabrian landscape, with Gaglioppo being the king. The town of Cirò is particularly famous for its long-standing wine tradition. 

On the white wine front, Greco Bianco is prominent, known in other regions as Malvasia di Lipari or Malvasia di Sardegna. It’s versatile, producing both dry and sweet wines. If you’re on the hunt for a good bottle, consider brands like Stelitano, Ceratti, and Cantine Luca.

Now, let us explore some of the wineries you can visit in Calabria! We hope we give you plenty of inspiration. And before you go, be sure to check out our range of Small Group Tours in Calabria

(Source: Librandi Winery)


Renowned as a cornerstone in the Calabrian wine community, Librandi has been pivotal in highlighting Cirò through its consistent, award-winning wines. A family venture, their commitment to quality over the years has garnered respect and admiration. It’s a personal favorite of our team. 

Luigi Scala

Maintaining the threads of tradition, Luigi Scala’s winery offers a delightful trio: Cirò Bianco, Rosato, and Rosso. What’s striking is the juxtaposition of modern wine-making methods in the setting of a classic, rustic farmhouse.

(Source: Tenuta Terre Nobile)

Tenuta Terre Nobile

Steered by the founder’s daughter, Lidia,Tenuta Terre Nobile has amassed a collection of awards, a testament to their diverse and premium wine labels. Those interested in visiting are reminded to make prior reservations through email and tell them Cherrye sent you. 


Parrilla stands out with its specialization in five distinct wine labels. Beyond their wines, they offer a digital shopping experience. For a deeper dive into their production nuances and vineyard expanse, consultations are available.

A Vita (Francesco di Franco & Laura)

Francesco, alongside his wife Laura, is at the forefront of a wine renaissance in Cirò. At ’A Vita, their emphasis on sustainable wine production has redefined the perception and appreciation of Calabrian wines, connecting the drinker to the land’s essence with every sip.

(Source: Statti)


The gorgeous Statti estate  is a visual and sensory treat. Visitors can partake in tastings of their diverse wines and olive oils. Moreover, for those keen on understanding the wine-making process, they offer lectures and short classes. 

Vini di Luca

Prominent for its Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco wines, Vini di Luca boasts impeccable production quality, set against a picturesque backdrop. For those wishing to experience it firsthand, tours are available but require advanced booking via phone or email.


With a modern twist on winemaking, Dell’Aera offers a range of wines.. To immerse oneself in the winery’s ambiance, ensure you book a visit, checking availability through email or phone.

(Source: Cataldo Calabretta)

Cataldo Calabretta

Calabretta’s wines resonate with authenticity, echoing stories of the past and a profound respect for natural winemaking. These wines, raw and genuine, pay tribute to traditions passed down through generations.

Francesco Malena

Operating since 1909 and family-managed for over eight decades, Francesco Malena’s winery is encapsulated in elegance. Housed in a time-honored structure, it’s a blend of charm, heritage, and winemaking prowess.

Roberto Ceraudo

Offering a fusion of local and global, Roberto Ceraudo‘s wines are diverse and delightful. Complementing this experience is the Michelin-starred Datillo restaurant on the premises, pairing gourmet meals with impeccable wines.

Cantine Chimento

Originating in 1950, Cantine Chimento stands as a beacon of prestige in the Calabrian wine scene. Featuring six prime labels, the winery invites visitors to experience its legacy.

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Calabria, though modest in its wine production compared to other Italian regions, boasts a diverse and rich vinicultural legacy. From family-run estates with deep-rooted traditions to modern wineries pushing boundaries, each offers a unique story and taste. 

A visit to a winery is great choice for anyone interested in  understanding the full spectrum of what this region has to offer. Remember to plan ahead, as many of these wineries require advanced bookings to ensure the best experience.

Before you go, check out our Small Group Tours in Calabria and Private Heritage Tours in Calabria.

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