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Welcome to the Southern Italy Books Series – a place to share about all the great books set in southern Italy! If you’re like me and love geting lost in good story set in Italy or read about a new place before traveling, then this series will help you find the perfect book. Let’s kick it off with the region of Campania.

Whether you’re planning your upcoming holiday or looking for a good read to enjoy while soaking up the summer sun on a beach on the Amalfi Coast, here’s a list of novels, travel writing and non-fiction books set in the Campania region to choose from. There’s a little bit of romance as well as mystery, intrigue and historical fiction. Happy reading!

Travel Writing about Campania

Capri and No Longer Capri by Raffaele La Capria

Falling Palace, A Romance of Naples by Dan Hofstadter

Passeggiata: Strolling Through Italy by G.G. Husak

Gelato Sisterhood on the Amalfi Shore by Chantal Kelly

Naples ’44 by Norman Lewis

A Year in the World by Frances Mayes (Writing on Naples, Capri and other spots in Campania)

The Espresso Break: Tours and Nooks of Naples, Italy and Beyond by Barbara Zaragoza

Fiction Set in Campania

The House in Amalfi by Elizabeth Adler

Sailing to Capri by Elizabeth Adler

The Wedding Officer by Anthony Capella

The Botticelli Secret by Marina Fiorato

An Italian Affair by Laura Fraser

The Night Villa by Carol Goodman

Stones of the Madonna by Jan Mazzoni

Last Voyage of the Valentina by Santa Montefiore

The Italian Matchmaker by Santa Montefiore

The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners by Luanne Rice

The Volcano Lover, A Romance by Susan Sontag


Non-Fiction About Campania

The Mystery of the Duchess of Malfi by Barbara Banks Amendola

Gomorrah: Italy’s Other Mafia by Roberto Saviano

Have you read these or other books set in Campania? Please note in the comments!

Stay tuned for the the Southern Italian Book Series to continue with books set in Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Sicily!

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10 Responses
  1. auntyk

    Great list — I’m bookmarking for future use! A couple of additions to suggest:

    Fiction: Pompeii by Robert Harris

    Non-Fiction: Greene on Capri by Shirley Hazaard (recounting the author’s recollections of Graham Greene and his life on Capri).

  2. @Anne – Music and Markets Tours, I’m so happy you enjoyed the reading list. Stay tuned for more southern Italian books in this series coming soon! 🙂

  3. Chloe

    I highly recommend See Naples by Douglas Allanbrook, a haunting, lyrical memoir of the composer’s time in Naples during WW2 and in the early ’50s as a music student. A wonderful companion to Naples ’44.

  4. Mary Jane Cryan

    To add to your list: Judith Harris , “Pompeii Awakened -a story of rediscovery” Tauris 2007. Lots of info on Herculaneum too.

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