Through the Southern Italy Snapshots series we’ve visited four of Italy’s southern-most regions, including world-famous Sicily, popular Puglia, laid-back Basilicata and my adopted home region and personal favorite, Calabria. Today, we are heading a bit north into another one of my favorite regions, Campania.

Campania is the most-traveled region in southern Italy and with its anarchic capital city, hidden bays and breathtaking views, it is easy to see why travelers love this region. Campania has five provinces, Caserta, Benevento, Naples, Avellino and Salerno. From north to south, here are five beautiful photos of Campania.

Reggia Di Caserta in the Province of Caserta


Ischia in the Province of Naples

Pompeii in the Province of Naples

Ravello in the Province of Salerno

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  1. My MIL is from Napoli and still has a brother there. Maybe next year, I’ll make it down to meet the family and finally see some parts of the south!

  2. Just trying to get out and show my love for last week’s freewheelings’ five articles. I absolutely adored these photographs. Italy is one place I have yet to journey and I wanted to personally thank you for your hard work in making these available to inspire myself and others. Don’t change a thing.

    Many Kind Regards,


  3. Amalfi coast

    Your pictures are really great. I also have a website about the Amalfi coast and I took all the pictures myself. Your feedback would be appreciated.


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