Salmon Risotto-Risotto al Salmone

salmon risotto

As if being married to a cute Italian didn’t already have its advantages-living in a foreign country, learning about a new culture, being able to backtrack if you say something mean by claiming ignorance of his language-my Italian also likes to cook. And he is good at it. Sometimes he’ll see a recipe on TV and want to try it, other times we’ll dine out and he recreates the dish at home, other times, he just gets creative.

Which is how we stumbled upon the most fabulous salmon risotto recipe you’ll ever find. It is perfect for a romantic dinner for two but easy enough to make for a group. Pair it with your favorite Italian white wine and enjoy!

(Two Servings)

>> 1/2 White onion
>> 1/2 cup Rice for risotto
>> 1/4 cup Butter
>> Smoked Salmon
>> Parsley
>> 5 cups Vegetable broth
>> White pepper

1. Heat broth to a boil, then keep it hot while you move on to step #2.

2. Saute white onion in a little butter, then add risotto.

3. Cook the risotto for a few minutes, making sure it doesn’t stick to the pan.

4. Slowly add the hot vegetable broth, one spoon at a time, as your risotto is cooking. (about 40 minutes; Also see Risotto tips and hints)

5. Just before the risotto is cooked, add chopped salmon and parsley.

6. Cook for a couple of minutes, then remove from flame.

7. Stir in the remaining butter, add more parsley and sprinkle a bit of white pepper.

Buon Appetito!

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