Italian Food

Bergamot Fruit of Calabria on a Wooden Table of a Farm in the countryside.

Eating Our Way Through Calabria: A Journey to the Heart of Southern Italian Cuisine

Join My Bella Vita Travel as we explore the importance of food in Calabria and some staples from the local cuisine. Read more…
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porcini mushrooms calabria

On the Hunt for Porcini Mushrooms

It’s that time of year again – when the weather conditions are usually just right for porcini mushrooms to make an appearance. There is no better time for mushroom hunting in southern Italy than the early fall – more specifically between August and October. Sure, the weather can be a bit unpredictable alternating between sunny...
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Caldarroste: Chestnuts Roasted On An Open Fire!

There is something about the fall that makes it so special. Maybe it’s the changing colors or the crisp air that helps us bid summer goodbye and at the same time prepares us for the winter that’s to come. It’s also prime time for harvesting all of the incredible bounties the earth offers up during...
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homemade limoncello recipe

Limoncello Challenge Recap and Results

Newsletter recipients and Facebook fans will remember my recent Limoncello Challenge – where I took two extreme steeping rules and put them to the test. And I have to say … the results were surprising. To fully tell this story, I need to go back to when I first tried the homemade limoncello that knocked...
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In Pursuit of the Perfect Parmigiana

If there is one thing expats in southern Italy can agree on, it’s that we have the. best. food. in the country. Ok, ok, expats in other parts of Italy … back off! Your food rocks, too. But I have that whole southern pride thing going on and nothing makes me prouder than reviewing a...
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calabria tour - tropea

Calabria or Bust!?!

Regular readers might have heard about a funky food tour I have been working on for October (see green line above). It’s been a long time in the making and my partner-in-crime, fellow expat in Calabria, friend and cooking class connoisseur, Tania Pascuzzi (In Italy Tours) and I have poured our blood, sweat and tears-or...
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Salmon Risotto-Risotto al Salmone

As if being married to a cute Italian didn’t already have its advantages-living in a foreign country, learning about a new culture, being able to backtrack if you say something mean by claiming ignorance of his language-my Italian also likes to cook. And he is good at it. Sometimes he’ll see a recipe on TV...
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World Nutella Day 2011: Nutella and Mandarin S’mores

There’s been a lot on my plate lately, but I figure any event that is five years running deserves a little attention … and honestly, who doesn’t have room on their plate for a little scoop-or three-of Nutella. However, between cluster feedings, Calabria tours and our bed and breakfast, I wasn’t sure *how* I’d celebrate...
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First of the Month Recipe: Rape e Fagioli

When most people think of Calabrian food, they think of fresh, homemade pasta and super-spicy peppers, however, Calabrian foodies know there is more to love than initially meets the fork. Some of my favorite dishes in Calabria are created with hearty meat, rich cheese, freshly-grown vegetables and legumes and its the marriage of those last...
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Celebrating Christmas in Calabria: Il Cenone

As I’ve mentioned over the last few weeks, I’m missing my traditional Texas-style Christmas this year and will be celebrating a Calabrian Christmas for the first time since moving to the bel paese. A few years ago I wrote a four-part series on Calabrian Christmas traditions and since I’m most looking forward to Il Cenone...
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