World Nutella Day 2011: Nutella and Mandarin S’mores

There’s been a lot on my plate lately, but I figure any event that is five years running deserves a little attention … and honestly, who doesn’t have room on their plate for a little scoop-or three-of Nutella.

However, between cluster feedings, Calabria tours and our bed and breakfast, I wasn’t sure *how* I’d celebrate World Nutella Day 2011 or how I’d fit in finding, creating and perfecting a new recipe.

So, I thought about waxing poetic about all the things I love about this chocolaty-hazelnutty spread.

I considered doing a mini-roundup of my previous Nutella Day recipes.

I almost started a post that included my family’s favorite ways to enjoy Nutella … (think spoon and American white bread).

But then I saw a cooking show with my favorite Tata that inspired a new recipe and voila Nutella and Mandarin S’mores were born.

I substituted whipped cream for charcoaled marshmallows, pulled a couple of mandarins off of our trees and pulled together this delicious dessert in less than 10 minutes.

Here’s the scoop:

(Makes six s’mores)

>> Any kind of flat cookie (12)
>> 1/2 cup whipping cream
>> Nutella
>> 2 mandarins


1. Whip your cream for a few minutes until it is fluffy.

2. Add the juice from one small mandarin. (This will change the texture of your cream, making it firmer and easier to spread on your s’more)

3. Continue to mix for a minute or two.

4. Spread the top of one cookie with a thin layer of Nutella. This will be your top. (Note: It is easier to “decorate” the top of your s’more before it is filled with Nutella and cream.)

5. Spread another cookie with a generous layer of Nutella, then cover with a layer of cream.

6. Top it with your Nutella-decorated cookie, add a mandarin slice and serve!


As always, grazie mille to Michelle of Bleeding Espresso and Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy for founding (and hosting) World Nutella Day. Check out their sites on Monday for a full roundup of today’s recipes.

Are you heading to Calabria or southern Italy? Click here to see how I can help you plan your itinerary.

5 Responses
  1. I love s’mores with Nutella! I notice you didn’t mention how many this recipe serves! How many do you think I could eat before getting caught by my husband and son?

    I think the recipe is just for six but honestly it is so easy, you don’t really need measurements. If you are quick, I bet you could eat two … then, they’d find you on the floor in a diabetic coma!

  2. These look great! So simple…plus, I don’t really eat marshmallows b/c of the gelatin (and being a vegetarian)…so the whipped cream is such a great substitute πŸ™‚

    And so much more sinful, eh, Erin?

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