Seducing Your Sweetie: Five Italian Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day

As part of yesterday’s newsletter (you *do* subscribe to my newsletter, don’t you?) I listed five sweet Italian words you could use with your Valentine this year. Today, I’m expanding on that list and offering up five sexy, seductive phrases that are sure to impress your favorite Italophile.

You’ve probably heard Ti Amo and Amore but those are far from being the only Italian love words you’ll hear in the bel paese. Italian is one of the most romantic languages in the world, so leave it up to the Italians to create hundreds of ways to romance their Valentines.

Here are five of my favorite Italian love words and phrases. Feel free to steal them and use them on your own sweetie this Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to say something sweet and sexy to your sweetheart.

1. Ti adoro (tee ah-DOH-roh): I adore you
I *adore* ti adoro and find the soft rolling “r” sound even sweeter than “ti amo” or “ti voglio bene.” For extra sweetness, say “ti adoro, caro,” or “ti adoro, tesoro,” just a couple of ways you can say, “I adore you, sweetie.”

2. Sei la mia vita (say lah Mee-ah vee-tah): You are my life
This sexy-sounding phrase has all of the drama you’d expect in an Italian saying, so either write it in a card, email or text or whisper it in your lover’s ear during your Valentine’s date.

3. Voglio baciarti (vol-yo batch-ar-Tee): I want to kiss you
Does this one really need an explanation?

4. Stammi più vicino (sta-ME pyoo vee-CHEE-noh): Come closer (or stay closer) to me
Ok, so I really learned this line in one of my favorite sing-along Italian songs, but I love it and from time to time I’ve used it on my husband without him cringing at the Ricchi e Poveri reference.

5. Che begli occhi che hai (k-BEH-lyee OHK-kee k-eye): What beautiful eyes you have
I asked my husband for a couple of recs to add to this list and ooh la la … he came up with this one. He also threw in a bonus from his teenage flirting years.

P’s Bonus:
Hai un sorriso stupendo (Eye oon so-REE-so STOO-pen-doe): You have an amazing smile
It might sound a little over-the-top in English but trust me, in Italiano this one works.

What are some of your favorite Italian love words and phrases?

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6 Responses
  1. saretta

    One of the sexiest things my husband can say to me is, “Stai ferma, faccio io” or “you just sit there, I’ll take care of it.” LOL! Nothing sexier than a man willing to help out! 😉

    I literally LOLed on that… actually, I kinda spit, but don’t tell anyone, ok?

  2. I have always told my wife here smile is so beautiful, now in Italina “Hai un sorriso stupendo” it will have more meaning. Grazie.

    All in the name of research, right, Greg?

  3. Round here, the usual chat-up line is ‘facciamo un giro?’ There isn’t an awful lot of romance in that one, though. 😉

    My 10-year olds reminded me today of the upcoming date on Monday. Waah. We were supposed to be having a valentine’s prom this weekend (which I was RIDICULOUSLY excited about), but the super-cool teenagers pooh-poohed it and we had to cancel. I am sad, and shall probably cook lasagne to make myself feel better. To every cloud there is a silver lining …

    Hilarious! I was out walking the day before Valentine’s Day and the “pickup” line of the day was “can we get to know each other?” wink wink … Gah!!!

  4. LOL – You know I laughed at this, especially the beautiful eyes and wonderful smile. I think the Italian men are told at birth that those phrases are good to use on American girls. LOL

    Well, you and I are living proof they work! 😉

  5. Sadie Builter

    Please email as much information that you habe , regarding translation from English to Italian. I am so fascinated by Italy and the culture. I want to educate myself as much as possible about Italy and the way people act, live and breath. Thank you very much.
    Sadie Builter

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