Over the last three months, we’ve taken a pictorial tour of southern Italy as seen through the lens of some fabulous Flickr photographers. We have stopped in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Campania and today, we’re heading to Italy’s second smallest region, Molise, for another glimpse of Southern Italy Snapshots.

Located just north of Campania and Puglia, Molise is Italy’s newest region, only splitting with neighboring Abruzzo in 1963. It has two provinces, Campobasso and Isernia and its most interesting towns are Campobasso, Termoli, Oratino, Agnone and Troia. In no particular order, here are five beautiful photos of Molise.

Tremoli in the Province of Campobasso

Agnone in the Province of Isernia



Altilia in the Province of Campobasso

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Photos: Thumbnail, La Bellezze d’Italia; other photos Renatela, Gerhard Palnstorfer, Fedeabmo, inaki_naiz, Renatela all via Flickr

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  1. Great story and great pictures! Sounds like you’re having a phenomenal time in Italy…I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Molise…in a tiny hamlet called Fornelli…My mother grew up there during the war…I’m writing about her experiences and hope to have some photos soon on my blog…

  2. Mike Soften

    Great photos, looks like you are having a great time there! I recently rented out one of those amazing Villas in Tuscany Italy for a week and the next week I intend on traveling to Sicily. Are there any must do things while I am there?

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