Southern Italy Snapshots: Basilicata

The last couple of months, we’ve traveled through Puglia, Calabria and Sicily via some of the most beautiful Flickr photos of southern Italy. Today the Southern Italy Snapshot series is heading slightly north into Basilicata.

Most travelers see Basilicata as they travel south (or east) from Campania into either Calabria or Puglia. The region has two provinces, Potenza on the west coast and Matera, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the same name to the east. Here are five beautiful photos from the region that will entice visitors to stop their car or get off of of the train next time they are passing through.

Maratea in the Province of Potenza

Night Shot of Maratea in the Province of Potenza

Metaponto in the Province of Matera


Night Shot of Matera

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Photos: Thumbnail, Vigilfuoco; other photos Laura Foto, EnKayTee, Emlius da Atlantide, Vanto 6747, all via Flickr

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  1. saretta

    Matera is so awesome. I have been there so many times, but it is always fascinating and amazing! Everyone should go there at least once.

  2. The Basilicata region of Italy is one of most tranquil, beautiful and unspoilt regions of Italy. My parents were born & bred in a small mountain top village called San Mauro Forte which is a province of Matera famous for its Sassi. We used to go there for a month to visit our grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles. It was one of the highlights of my childhood. Stunning scenery,cuisine and people who know how to live life as it should be lived. At night time you could see the lights of the neighboring mountain top villages as you smelt the wonderful food from the bars & restaurants and strolled in “La villa” listening to old Italian folk music. Cherished memories I will keep forever!

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