Travel Tip Tuesday: How to Dress for Summer in Southern Italy

Many people want to know how they should dress when they are visiting a new country and yes, the answer depends on where they are going and more importantly … when. I’ve written tips for what to wear in Italy in the winter and the spring and today, I’m helping you prepare for the summer....
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How to Dress for Spring in Southern Italy

Some of the most common questions I get-and the most-searched terms I see through Google Analytics-deal with what travelers should wear when visiting southern Italy. In January I wrote a post featuring five tips on what to wear in Italy during the winter, but if you plan to blow into the bel paese with those...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Carry-on Only Packing List

  In case I haven’t said it before, I am a fan of carry-on only luggage. You are in and out of the airport in record time, you don’t have to wait for baggage claim, you can easily jump on and off trains and buses and possibly best of all, you won’t lose your goods....
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Packing for an International Move

We’ve discussed tips for packing light, packing well and packing internationally, but packing for the long haul, such as an overseas move or a long-term extended stay is a different story. Where do you begin? What do you take? What do you leave? Argh! Just thinking about it is enough to make you want to...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Three Reasons To Have a Return Trip Packing List

   There is no shortage of effective packing list articles on the Internet. Need a packing list tailor-made to your trip? Look here. Want a list emailed to you before you go? Check here. Want to make one list you can use for almost every occasion? We’ve been over that! Today’s travel tip takes this...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Six Tips to Packing for An International Vacation

As a bed and breakfast owner I’ve seen a revolving door of guests from all walks of life. We’ve had young Hungarian honeymooners, retired German professors and group after group of American or Canadian-Italians retracing their heritage. Like many excited travelers they come through our doors and bless us with their positive energy, upbeat attitude...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: The List that Keeps on Giving

What was the last list you made? “To-Do at Work?” “To-Do after Work?” “Groceries?” “Errands?” “Chores?” We are a list-making society, with a whopping 76% of Americans and 77% of Italians admitting to making and following at least one list. We use them at work, at home and when we travel. But, what if I could...
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Space-Saving Packing Tips

Ahhh … remember the good ole days when we could over-stuff two full-sized suitcases and an overflowing carry on and be waved onto the plane with a smile? Sure you remember. It was last month. But things aren’t going to be so easy from now on, especially for those of you flying domestically within the...
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