Travel Tip Tuesday

Travel Tip Tuesday: Summer Travel Tips for Your Trip to Calabria

Ahhh, the dog days of summer – hot days, cool beaches and if you are lucky, even cooler summer vacations to southern Italy. If you are planning a trip this summer, you’ve probably done your homework. You’ve narrowed your must-see list, settled on hotels, chosen beaches, mountains and villages you’d like to explore. But are you really ready? Here are…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Three Basic Tips for Traveling with an Itsy Bitsy Baby

You all know what a brave fearless silly girl I am, right? I moved to hole-in-the-bottom-of-the-boot Calabria, had a baby in italiano and most recently, traveled with said baby on six separate flights.

Travel Tip Tuesday: How to Dress for Summer in Southern Italy

Many people want to know how they should dress when they are visiting a new country and yes, the answer depends on where they are going and more importantly … when. I’ve written tips for what to wear in Italy in the winter and the spring and today, I’m helping you prepare for the summer.

Travel Tip Tuesday: How to Dress for Spring in Southern Italy

Some of the most common questions I get-and the most-searched terms I see through Google Analytics-deal with what travelers should wear when visiting southern Italy. In January I wrote a post featuring five tips on what to wear in Italy during the winter, but if you plan to blow into the bel paese with those warmer winds, then this post…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: How to Dress for Winter in Southern Italy

I’ve written a lot over the last year about how to pack and what to wear when you are in Italy, including how not to look like a super tourist, a special how not to look like a tourist for men and even what to pack when visiting southern Italy. But today I want to focus on what to wear…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Five Tips for Prepping for an Italian Vacation

This website is filled with tips directed at people traveling to Italy. However, most of them are from my perspective … it is my blog, after all, and I realize that after living here four years you can forget some of those early Italy-travel experiences. I think it is a good idea to step back every now and then and…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Three Tips for Traveling with Your Sweetie

It is hard to believe three years have passed-to the day … Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!-since my husband and I tied the proverbial knot in southeast Texas. In that time we’ve taken more than a few international trips together and picked up some tips for traveling as a couple.

Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips for Helping Your Kids Learn Italian

One of the best things about traveling in southern Italy is the lack of English you’ll hear on the streets, in restaurants, even at main attractions. But this can also be intimidating-especially for kids. Unless you already speak Italian, you’ll probably want to pick up a few basic phrases yourself, so get your kids involved and use this vacation as…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: International Travel Packing Tips

Last month, my globe-trotting friend Andi from My Beautiful Adventures wrote a guest post for our bed and breakfast website that featured five tips for packing for an international trip. If you’ve been around My Bella Vita, you know I thrive on finding great packing techniques, so today, Andi is back to share four more tips for packing for an…

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Tips for Flying to Italy With Kids

flights with kids. No, no, I’ve been on flights before where other people had to worry about getting their kids to sit still, buckle up and eat their cardboard chicken, but this summer, I was there.

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