An Expat’s Memories from Home

(This post was originally published on this website in February, 2007) Homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven … A squeaky rocking chair, slowing swaying in the wind … Your favorite story, read lovingly at your bedside every night, until you are old enough to read it yourself … Memories of a grandmother. These...
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Moore n’ More about People, Places and Things: Texas Edition

There is nothing like a trip back home … back to the vastness of America’s first national preserve, back to the home of Texaco, TexJoy and Seaport Coffee, back to the birthplace of country music legends Jones, Chestnutt and Byrd. And yes. I am glad to be home. For the last four weeks I’ve been...
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Best Hamburgers in Southeast Texas … Guaranteed

It is that time of year again … schools are wrapping up, kids are heading to the nearest watering hole and their parents and friends are planning summer BBQs and outdoor picnics. But just in case you don’t have time-or the desire to melt away under the glaring Texas sun-you have another option … especially...
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Love Thursday: Deep in the Heart of Texas

I make no effort to hide the fact that my favorite child in this world is my 8-year old nephew, Cole. – Friends who have never met him ask about him. – An Italian neighbor of mine called her granddaughter “Baby Cole” because she assumed it was the English word for “baby” because “I couldn’t...
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Buon Natale and Happy New Year!

By the time you are reading this post I have already flown through England, soared above the Atlantic and have (hopefully) landed in Texas. Christmas is here and to fully celebrate the holiday season with family and friends in the US, My Bella Vita is taking a break. I’ll be back to posting at my...
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Back on Texas Time … Almost!

Everybody sing along now … Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too … Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you. Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling “Yee Haw …” What? You mean your friends don’t call “Yee Haw?” Well, mine sure do! And in...
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Love Thursday: The Rainbow Bridge in Southeast Texas

Regular readers might remember my recent post about Il Ponte Bistantis in Catanzaro.  Remember? It is a stunning bridge with a nice history and unparalleled views of Catanzaro’s valleys. But more than forty years ago another bridge – thousands of miles away in southeast Texas – altered history and changed the lives of all of...
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Love Thursday: When Babies Grow Up

Everyone stop what you are doing – drop that coffee! I need your help. I just lost years of my life and I don’t know where they went. Although it doesn’t seem possible, my favorite nephew turns eight tomorrow and WOW! Where did those years go?  Although I know it is wrong to covet thy...
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Hurricane Ike Cleanup Still in Progress

Since Hurricane Ike pounded the Texas coast two weeks ago I’ve received emails and tweets of concern for my family and friends. (Grazie mille.) Many people are curious to know what it was like growing up in hurricane alley and wonder how my family has managed all of these years, scurrying from hurricanes and evacuating...
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Love Thursday: Just Call Me the Wedding Fairy

It is no secret I’m somewhat, oh, what would you say? Addicted to weddings. Seriously. I. Love. Them. I do. (get it?) I love the pre-planning, the planning, the execution … even the stress. I’ve worked in the industry, I’ve written about the industry and I’ve even played along – just for fun. So it...
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