Hurricane Ike Cleanup Still in Progress

Since Hurricane Ike pounded the Texas coast two weeks ago I’ve received emails and tweets of concern for my family and friends. (Grazie mille.)

Many people are curious to know what it was like growing up in hurricane alley and wonder how my family has managed all of these years, scurrying from hurricanes and evacuating to safe houses throughout the country.

The truth is, I don’t know.

Without getting into the politics of why these storms are getting “bigger and badder,” or discussing the consequences of media propaganda, let’s just say I never evacuated until September ’05 when Rita roared through southeast Texas.

Since then my family has reconnected with seemingly long-lost relatives who live a bit north and a tad more inland and throughout it all they have kept their positive attitudes and sense of humor. In fact, here is a copy of an email I received from my mom today – just two days after her electricity was restored to her home.

Ten Reasons Hurricane Season is like Christmas

Number Ten:
Decorating the house (with plywood).

Number Nine:
Dragging out boxes that haven’t been used since last season.

Number Eight:
Last minute shopping in crowded stores.

Number Seven:
Regular TV shows pre-empted for ‘Specials.’

Number Six:
Family coming to stay with you.

Number Five:
Family and friends from out of state calling you.

Number Four:
Buying food you don’t normally buy . . . and in large quantities.

Number Three:
Days off from work.

Number Two:

And the Number One reason Hurricane Season is like Christmas:
At some point you’re probably going to have a tree in your house!

In a separate email, my sister sent me two pictures of my parent’s home.

And the other side.

Trees fell around them and power and telephone lines were down but their house remained untouched … another sigh of relief.

So today, almost two weeks after Ike pounded on my Texas coast homes remain flooded, many people are left without electricity and still others are without a phone or Internet. I’m thinking of them all this weekend and wishing for a speedy recovery and a quick bounce-back to normalcy. Christmas will be here before they know it.

Buon Weekend!

Michelle’s mamma made some potato salad for La Buona Cucina Americana this week. Head on over and check it out.

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  1. I’m glad your parents house survived. Those pictures were amazing.

    I’m moving to Dallas in less than two weeks. Ever go there? It’s a much bigger city than where we are now.
    Thanks, Nadine. I love Dallas and was “this” close to accepting a job at a major hotel there a few years ago. I will email you about Texas. I think you’ll love it!

  2. carol

    Wow, your family sure was lucky. Thank goodness! Our son had to evacuate from Tulane during Hurricane Katrina,and he just moved to Houston…..just in time to evacuate for Ike!!! But he wouldn’t even think of coming home to DC. There’s just something about the Gulf Coast that breeds a fierce loyalty.
    It’s the food, Carol … cajun, Mexican, seafood. We have it all!

  3. i am so glad to hear your family is ok. this list is a total hoot!! (a frig posting for sure in these parts) i just tell people when they ask how we can live in this place that you pay your insurances, you evacuate when they tell you, & you don’t get attached to “things”. it’s the price for living in paradise, i guess.
    You are right and “things” can be replaced! This was a funny email!

  4. Perspective’s a funny thing. I found myself recently wishing that instead of our usual drab, relatively uneventful British weather, we had a nice big exciting storm. Put me in the path of Hurricane Ike, and that would rip thos rose-tinted spectacles right off.

    Good to hear that your parents escaped the worst of the property damage.

    What’s the weather generally like in Catanzaro? Again, I have a rose-tinted view – Italy should permanently be bathed in golden buttery sunlight. And then I arrived in Rome on May 21st this year – in the middle of a downpour. It *lashed* against the side of our aircraft as it bobbed its way down to Fiumicino…..
    Thanks, Mike. I hate to perpetuate the myth, but Catanzaro is beautiful this morning!

  5. Leslie

    Hey, glad to hear your family did well. It has been crazy around here without power (and for some, without water). But life is slowly going back to normal. đŸ™‚ On a good note, the weather has been amazing since the storm (some silver lining)
    You are so positive, Leslie I am not surprised you found the silver lining. On another note, your grandfather gave me his Moore family Mickey t-shirt. Pep wears it all of the time here and people LOVE it!

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