Love Thursday: Just Call Me the Wedding Fairy

It is no secret I’m somewhat, oh, what would you say? Addicted to weddings.

Seriously. I. Love. Them.

I do.

(get it?)

I love the pre-planning, the planning, the execution … even the stress. I’ve worked in the industry, I’ve written about the industry and I’ve even played along – just for fun.

So it was absolutely perfect timing when I got the call, less than one week after arriving in Texas for my summer vacation, from my friend Andrea’s boyfriend, Taylor.

My immediate reaction to his call was, “Oh my God, what happened?”

Because, ya know, my friends’ boyfriends don’t just call me to chat.

But everything was cool. He had a table at a wine tasting event on campus, they had an extra ticket (for me) and he had a ring and a plan. Could I be there?

You bet!

After a near-miss with his encouragement for Andrea to re-call and re-invite me, the group was set.


Taylor had purchased an additional bottle of wine and asked wine-tasting organizers to ensure he won the final door prize, from which a shiny new diamond ring dangled.

I knew this.

So, I was stunned to hear my number called as the first door prize recipient.

“7-7-8-2-9-FIVE?” I repeated loudly.


“Really? 7-7-8-2-9-5?”

They must have thought I was drunk.

“Yes…” he was losing patience with me now.

I strolled to the front of the room and repeated my number a third time and was relieved when he handed me a rock-less bottle of wine.


And low and behold, guess who won the next bottle?


Finally one bottle remained, and as planned Taylor’s number was called. After retrieving his prize, he asked Andrea to stand and declared his love to the entire group of wine-filled observers. Then, he dropped down.


And she said yes!


Congratulations to Andrea and Taylor and Happy Love Thursday, everyone.

13 Responses
  1. Stephanie

    Tears to my eye due to all the excitement and happiness I feel for this couple! Oh, how blessed you are to have been a part of Taylor’s grand plan!

    From one Texas to another… take care now!
    Yee Haw! And, yes I was so happy to be included.

  2. Kath

    I love this story, I’m sure your heart must have done a jump when they called your number and at that point thought it was all going wrong! I’m so glad it worked out.
    Happy Love Thursday
    IT DID. I was pretty stressed … and the wine didn’t make things any easier.

  3. You’re cracking me up with the repeating the ticket number 17 times… 🙂 But yeah, I’d have been like, “Umm, I’m already married, I really don’t want to get engaged to my friend’s boyfriend, thanks!”
    I KNOW, right? ha ha

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