Love Thursday: Deep in the Heart of Texas

I make no effort to hide the fact that my favorite child in this world is my 8-year old nephew, Cole.

– Friends who have never met him ask about him.

– An Italian neighbor of mine called her granddaughter “Baby Cole” because she assumed it was the English word for “baby” because “I couldn’t possibly be talking about the same kid that often!”

– My husband’s friends even warned him of the likelihood that Cole was my child because of the influx of emails and photos I sent him when we first met.

Ahhh, if only …

Well, you can imagine how it warmed my heart when I went to Texas over the holidays and had this surprise waiting for me.

“I saw on your website that you love hearts, Cici,” he told me. “So I saved this for you!”

Heart-Shaped Rock from Deep in the Heart of Texas

My sister still wouldn’t let me bring him back to Italy with me, but that heart rock … well, it made the trip!

Heart-Shaped Rock from Deep in the Heart of Texas

Happy Love Thursday, everyone!

Aren’t these gifts the greatest? What are some of the best “surprise” gifts your favorite people have given you?

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  1. maryann

    My grandfather called my grandmother “cici”. What does it mean?
    My “Cici” comes from my name “Cherrye” that starts with a “C.” It was easier for him when he was little and, well, I wanted to cute “nickname” like “mommy” and “NeNe” got!
    maryann’s last blog post..Panzetta Veal

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