Best Hamburgers in Southeast Texas … Guaranteed

It is that time of year again … schools are wrapping up, kids are heading to the nearest watering hole and their parents and friends are planning summer BBQs and outdoor picnics.

But just in case you don’t have time-or the desire to melt away under the glaring Texas sun-you have another option … especially if you are in southeast Texas.

Dippity's Burgers in Lumberton, Texas

Located on Highway 96 between Silsbee and Beaumont in Lumberton, Dippity’s serves up the biggest, freshest, juiciest burgers in southeast Texas … or so says my husband whose sole mission on each of his Texas trips is to find the best burger in town.

Like Burger King, you can have it your way-with lettuce, maters, mayo, even jalapenos all stacked on fresh ground beef and sandwiched between homemade buns … Who could ask for more in a burger?

Sink your teeth into that baby. Dippity’s famous Texas Tummy Tackler …

Dippity's Burgers in Lumberton, Texas

Or this one … for smaller tummies.

Dippity's Burgers in Lumberton, Texas

Dippity’s is located in a strip mall with an unassuming facade-neon sign excluded-and no frills interior, but the drastically affordable prices (the standard-sized burger is $3.89) and friendly hometown staff prove that Dippity’s is nothing more than your neighborhood burger joint-with kick ass burgers.

But don’t take our word for it-if you are in the area, check it out yourself.


815 S. Main Street

Lumberton, Texas

(409) 755-3632

May all of your burgers today be Dippity-good burgers … Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. HAHA – you made me laugh out loud with that comment about your husband’s “mission”. My Italian does that too! I swear the first week he’s home all he wants to eat is burgers. mostly chili’s (or burgerland in Italian/english) because its closest to our house. HA
    Something about those burgers and our Italian husbands, eh?

    stacy’s last blog post..EUREKA!

  2. Jeanne C

    Dippity’s has THE BEST burgers, sweet potato fries, etc., in Southeast Texas! There is none better! I’m craving one now!
    Me, too!

  3. carol

    That’s a great picture of Peppe!! Our son is in Houston….is this nearby?
    Ha. I know (re: the pic!) He hasn’t seen it on here yet … keeping it up as long as I can. hehe It is about an hour and a half from Houston to Lumberton, down 1-10 E, 69 N, then 96 into Lumberton. It is on that main street in the town!

  4. Kelly

    Absolutely the best burgers!!! As well as Sweet Potato Fries…. Yummy!! Think we are going to have them tonight!!!
    I have seen those sweet potato fries but never tried them. I love their onion rings, too!

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