Italy *IS* Magical and we have the unicorn to prove it

I always knew Italy was a special place, but I didn’t realize how special until yesterday.

“What is that?” You ask.

Why, it is a unicorn.

They *do* exist … they *do* exist … and all of the times your 3-year old daughter said she saw one were true.

This rare animal, who has been so creatively named “Unicorn,” was recently spotted in a nature preserve in Prato, Italy. Scientists believe the deer unicorn is a result of a birth defect, but the unique center position of the horn is what is causing all of the commotion.

What would you do if you were wondering in the woods and found a unicorn? What do you think Italian and world scientists will do? What should they do?

PS: I just realized today is Friday the 13th … even more intriguing, non?

On another note, there’s nothing like good ole fashioned American Mac and Cheese – especially when you get to make it with your mamma, like Michelle did for today’s edition of La Buona Cucina Americana.

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  1. joanne at frutto della passione

    Sadly, some creep will probably try to turn this lovely creature into a trophy. Where some people see magic, others see a buck ($) or 15 minutes of fame. Perhaps I am being just a bit too cynical this morning, but I almost wish this story had never made the papers and the little unicorn could just be left in peace.

  2. Oh, JoAnne. I hope you are wrong. That would be a tragedy!

    I agree, Judith! I was sure I was gonna read that story and see a picture of WHITE unicorn … well, this guy IS in Italy, maybe he’s been to the beaches!!

  3. I saw this is the paper yesterday and was just happy as you seem to know there is at least one, real live unicorn out there! And in Italy too.

  4. It is done, Donna! Welcome!!

    Isnt that funny, Erin. I am glad you saw it in America. My mother didn’t believe me.

    I KNOW, Leanne. Right??

    I believe, Katie … I believe!

    Oh, I know, Running … 🙁 THAT would be a disaster!

    Me, too, QdB!

    Eryn, I do, too. Lets HOPE.

  5. I still think someone should *borrow* it for the day and bring it over to Bevagna for the Mercato delle Gaite. Unicorn deer, ok cool (yawn). Unicorn deer kidnapped and found in Bevagna – where’s Xena when you need her? That oughtta one-up the disappearing garden gnomes!

  6. I have not seen Big Foot prints here in Italy, Mom, but I would definitely RUN if I did. Yes, I remember those pictures from the Big Thicket … scary!

    Glad I wasn’t standing there when you saw it, Brooke! lol

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