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Italian villas and lush green trees line the sandy coast of Tropea, Calabria. Photo: Nemanja Pelic

Are You Smarter Than an (Italian) 5th Grader?

Oh, really? If so, then tell me … how many continents are there? If you said seven, you are wrong! By Italian fifth grade standards, that is. photo credit: JMazzolaa This debate recently arose when I asked my husband why he-and his fellow paesani-insist on referring to people from Argentina, Canada, Brazil, etc., etc. as...
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Calabria Mourns for L’Aquila Earthquake Victims

By the time America was waking up on Monday morning, I’d received countless emails and Facebook messages from concerned friends in the Americas … “How far away are you?” “Did you feel anything?” “Are you and your friends ok?” It never ceases to amaze me how old friends crawl from their hiding places when there...
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Forget About the Banks – Italy is Bailing Out Cheese

In today’s economic crisis the financial, auto, retail – even the porn industries – in the US have all sought government help. Unfortunately, the epidemic has spread. In an article released late last week on VOANews.com, Sabina Castelfranco reported on the cheesiest industry yet to request a bailout. No, seriously. It’s the cheese. In recent...
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50 Year Old Madonna Still Loves Controversy

Let the record state that I have nothing against the Material Girl, really. Anyone who is able to take average looks and an average voice and create the dynasty that is Madonna is doing something right. Who am I to judge? I admire her for not quitting. Taking her risks. And keeping that kick-ass body...
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Italy *IS* Magical and we have the unicorn to prove it

I always knew Italy was a special place, but I didn’t realize how special until yesterday. “What is that?” You ask. Why, it is a unicorn. They *do* exist … they *do* exist … and all of the times your 3-year old daughter said she saw one were true. This rare animal, who has been so creatively named...
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What Will Cannavaro, I mean, Italy Fans Watch Now?

It’s a sad day for Italian soccer fans and when I say SAD, I mean S-A-D. I was a new transplant for the 2006 World Cup, where I was happily introduced to the men in blue. I would not be overstating my instant affection for the team if I say it was LOVE at FIRST...
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Giro d’Italia Takes Catanzaro

And, I was there! As prompted by my new pal Sally, over at Homebody at Heart, I scoured the giornali to find our when and where the famous bike race would blaze through Catanzaro. The when was yesterday, May 13, 2008 – around 5:00 PM, they said … The where? Right outside casa mia, piu’ o...
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Nightmare WHERE?!?

Prepare yourself, folks! Your dreams will be haunted when the great puppeteer of darkness manifests… Oh, wait! Wrong movie. But – right guy! Freddi Krueger, or, Robert Englund, if you prefer is directing a movie in our very own region of Calabria starring…ah (are you ready for this) Raul Bova!!! If I wasn’t already scared...
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