There is one in every city – in every family – in every circle of friends … . There is a place you depend on. A place you rely on. A place you return to time and time again for a good meal.

For my husband and me here in Catanzaro, Italy that place is Pizzeria da Ciro in Catanzaro Lido.

You see, I was feeling a little let down after yesterday’s “Where NOT to eat ” post, and I thought it was only fair to offer you loyal My Bella Vita readers and anxious connoisseurs of Calabria’s finest foods, a little backup.

Two-to-three times a month we find ourselves driving along the corso to Catanzaro Lido for what we’ve termed our “typical date night dinner.”

Pizzeria da Ciro in Catanzaro Lido, Calabria, southern Italy

Admittedly, the building is nothing to look at, but once inside you are greeted by friendly faces, smiling servers and jovial pizzaioli. Ciro and his family are from Naples and they have proudly served up Naples-style pizza with soft dough and chunks of fresh mozzarella … and the best potato crochettes I’ve ever tasted, since 1983.

Pizzeria da Ciro, Catanzaro Lido, Calabria, southern Italy

In 1998, Ciro’s brother, Stefano, expanded the family business by opening his own version of Pizzeria da Ciro, down the street. With so many pizza-eatin’ Italians marching around Catanzaro, the brothers have plenty of customers to share. In addition to the two dine-in restaurants, there are also three take-away stations in Catanzaro, where the Ciardi family delivers their paradise pizza a casa.

Ciro is only open for dinner six days a week (seven days a week during the summer months), while Stefano’s Ciro serves pasta dishes, second plates and pizza, and is open for lunch and dinner six days a week. (Smart family, though that one – those six days don’t coincide, so pizza-cravin’ Calabrians can enjoy Ciro pizza seven nights a week.)

Pizzeria da Ciro, Catanzaro Lido, Calabria, southern Italy

Although the new Ciro pizzeria is rustic and quaint, we have remained faithful to the original clan. I’m nothing if I am not loyal … .

Here are both addresses:

Ciro (original)
Via Fiume, 38
Catanzaro Lido; Tel 0961.737794

– and –

Ciro (#2)
Via Europa
Catanzaro Lido; Tel 0961.33008

When you are done, head down the lungomare and visit Marrons Glacés for some of the best gelato in southern Italy.

And just because today is Thursday … and because I love Ciros *so* much … here is pizza heart – from me to you.

Pizzeria da Ciro in Catanzaro Lido, Calabria, southern Italy

Happy Love Thursday!

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  1. That’s right! When you find a good thing, stick with it. We have the pizzeria ‘Il Saraceno d’Oro ‘ at Positano – as the owner told my father, my children practically grew up on their pizzas. Always friendly, welcoming and chatty, when they close down for winter they’ll invite you home for a meal!
    I think that every town in Italy must have a pizzeria called ‘Da Ciro’ – Positano had a wonderful bar run by Ciro years ago until tourism took over and they threw him out to put a fancy cafe` in it’s place
    Oh no. I would be devastated if Ciro’s left Catanzaro Lido!! Take it back. ha ha

  2. Ohhh how I would love to spend a date night there 😉
    Love the heart pizza.
    Happy Love Thursday!
    Thanks, Louise. It *is* the best pizza around!
    Louise’s last blog post.. 

  3. j

    So what is a good coffee shop? I remember an earlier pic you had of yourself on this blog looked like it was at a coffee shop. That was in CZ wasn’t it?
    Good memory. That was at Marrons Glacés in Catanzaro Lido. They have good coffee, but the best one in Lido is at Bar Centrale and the best one in in downtown Catanzaro is at Bar Condorelli. I’ve written about Condorelli’s in the past …

  4. anca

    i’ ve once worked there,i miss them so much,everyone especialy stefano,because i was working with him,yes is the best pizza ever and wherever,i did not eat enywhere better then there,i love you guys i did not forget you,and i will not forget the best pizza in the world ,is there in the second ,stefano’s da ciro restaurant and pizzeria. wish you all the best,still loving you….

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