What Will Cannavaro, I mean, Italy Fans Watch Now?

It’s a sad day for Italian soccer fans and when I say SAD, I mean S-A-D.

I was a new transplant for the 2006 World Cup, where I was happily introduced to the men in blue. I would not be overstating my instant affection for the team if I say it was LOVE at FIRST SIGHT.

Come on, ladies. You know what I mean. Luca Toni, Gennaro Gattuso, Fabio Cannavaro …

You can see more hereif you get my drift.

But, ladies (and I say this because I know you will be more distraught, if only for physically selfish reasons, than the men)

Fabio is out.

Yep. Apparently only six hours after landing in Austria Fabio was injured in a collision with teammate Giorgio Chiellini and will miss the 2008 European Cup.

What am I gonna watch now?

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  1. Sally

    Hmmm, Fabio is a defender… I wonder who will replace him? Myself, I would put Luca Toni or maybe Paolo Maldini as numero uno on my list. I saw Luca Toni at Fiorentina and I was made speechless at about 50 feet (seriously, not that easy to do)! There does seem to be an abundence of extremely handsome men at Milan although I would also put Daniele Bonera, Massimo Oddo of AC Milan(what eyes!) and the crosstown rival Marco Materazzi (just for sheer personality) on my list! Cherrye, I know Fabio is the local boy from Naples, but you’re just going to have to be patriotic and give up you’re attachment for Fabio temporarily. Think of your new adopted country.

  2. OMG! I am so with you on this. I fell in love with the men in blue in 1990 when I was stuck at home with the chicken pox and didn’t know what to watch. Italian soccer players are way hotter than Canadian hockey players. I mean, at least they have all their teeth 🙂
    Even if Cannavaro is out there are plenty more droolworthy players, like Toni, Zambrotta and Quagliarella. It’s raining Azzurri!!!

  3. Michelle, Pep didnt seem as upset as me, either. I told you this was for the ladies!

    Sally – Fabio is a southern boy, but Gattuso is Calabrese. He is our hometown hero! There are other handsome guys, but Fabio has that smile … ahhhhh

    Hallelujah, Linda.

  4. I know!!! I choked when I saw the news. I mean, I have sooooo fond memories of the World Cup in 2006, and Cannavaro had a huge part in that. I *love* him.

    Will his brother, Paolo, play? At least he’s nice to look at too 😉

    We need a picture of the team!

  5. Maria from Philly

    Uh yeah, it’s 8 a.m. here in Philly and I am at work drooling all over my keyboard!!! I have to say Italian men are just HOT!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Fabio is my FAVORITE and it’ll be sad. My brother was discussing this last night over my dad’s 65th b-day dinner. All the Italian waiters at the restaurant were so upset.

  6. I was so shocked when I read the news that Fabio Cannavaro is out of Euro Cup. He is not only an incredible defender but a great captain. He is pretty impressive to watch and ain’t hard on the eyes either! 🙂 The “Group of Death” just got a little more deadly but the Italians work well under pressure. Forza Italia!!! 🙂

  7. Yikes, that is tough NYC. WHAT ARE you going to do?

    Aha! Running. You bet against US? Grr…

    I hear you, Annika. We DO need a team pic. I love the one with him in the middle holding the World Cup above his head.

    Were they, Maria? I am glad to hear that. Mostly I’ve heard the women upset. P says we can still win!

    He he, Maryann!

    I was shocked, too Lulu. I had to read it twice!

  8. ::fans herself: oh my those pics are GORGEOUS. hehe I don’t follow soccer much though I did enjoy watching the World Cup last time. We had much fun yelling at the tv and i loved the theatrics of the Italian players. not to mention the uhm… scenery. lol

    sad – he i so freeaking hot!

  9. I will be in Italy in less than two weeks, and while I’m definitely still looking forward to watching Italy play (I love being surrounded by the enthusiasm of Italian fans!), I’m sad. 🙁

    Oh well, plenty of other eye candy! 🙂

  10. I hear you, Stacy! That was a hot summer!

    Awesome. Thanks, Annika!

    Yes there is, Kathy … I hope Cannavaro will still be shown from the sideline!

    Megan – I haven’t. I MUST check him out ASAP.

  11. My stomach turned over when I heard the news… I think we’re lucky that it wasn’t Buffon or Toni or Pirlo who got hurt, though, because as valuable as Canna is to the team, there are even more invaluable players for the Azzurri. Plus, Canna has said he wants to come back after his surgery and stay with the team through the tournament – which is sure to give incredible moral support to the rest of the guys, seeing their Capitano on crutches on the side of the pitch!

    And even above and beyond the strength of the team itself, there’s still plenty of eye-candy (in my opinion) on the Italian squad. The Azzurri really are some beautiful human specimens, aren’t they? 🙂

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