Quick! What do homemade sausage and bakery-bought sweets have in common?
– They both begin with the letter “S”
– They are both, um…food
– They are both found in Italy
And, they both ‘show the love!’Heh?

Well, it’s true.

It’s common knowledge Pep spoils our construction crew. And, that wasn’t the only time. Every morning he prepares their choice of Il Cedro espresso or cappuccino, along with whatever we offered our B&B guests for breakfast.

Then, after lunch…it’s espresso round II!
Today, they shared the love with Peppe. Agostino, the uomo in charge, is from Gimigliano, a quaint village town about 20 minutes from Catanzaro. He and his family make homemade sausage, and today, he shared that sausage.

And, for Peppe, that means he shared the love.

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  1. Giulia

    OK, if it weren’t for the fact that I have been bombarded by sausage making, gift giving people withing these past few weeks, I would have taken huge offense to Peppe sticking his tongue out at me! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Cherrye

    G-ha ha!! Wasnt that cute?? But, you make sausage? I dont have the stomach for it!

    Arlene-you can have my half. If he shares!

    Meredith-Happy LT to you, too!

    Yes, you can, Joe! When is your next trip??

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