Oh, yes, friends. It is true. I am a BIG ‘OLE fifone. Or, for those of you who prefer English – A BIG ‘OLE WEENIE! It’s true.
I am scared to death of the Mafia. Seriously.

So, why oh why am I leaving today on a jet train and heading towards the land of the mafiosi?

Cause, I’m also a risk-taker.

And, a traveler.

And, I can’t say no to a good deal.

Today, fellow Americana in Calabria, Michelle, of Bleeding Espresso and I are setting out for our first girls’ weekend. And, boy are we excited!

She bid her farewells to the blogworld, and uh, P yesterday and headed to Catanzaro, where she was met at the stazione with a fabulous blood-orange margarita. Well, technically, she had to wait the 3 km to get here, but then she had one. Lucky her.

You want in on the Siciliano fun?

Here are some of the places we plan to visit.

You can also check out some of the movies I’ve seen lately, in preparation for my trip, no doubt…all set in Sicily.

Johnny Stecchino

Il 7 e l’8

Il Postino

Come on, join in!

You’ll feel like you are there with us. And, just to make it more autentico…I’ll have a few extra cannoli – just for you!

Buon Weekend!
Please note: I will not have Internet access during this trip, but will respond to all comments when I return! Ciao!!
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  1. erin

    have SO MUCH FUN (both of you!)

    at first I was thinking that you were actually holding a cold marg at the station for her đŸ™‚ wouldn’t that be nice!

  2. homebody at heart

    I cannot wait to go to Sicily myself! But, I just was brave enough to go to southern Italy on my last trip and it was wonderful. As I have a weakness for Italian shoes, any possible scoping out of Sicilian shoe stores on your travels? Shoe shopping is *very* therapeutic. Have a great time!

  3. Stephanie

    Hope you guys had a great time in Sicily!!! A beautiful place in my eyes. Next time, maybe the guys can join you and Alessandro can show you the (in-places) in Sicily (he’s from Palermo). How nice though, hard to believe the “Italian” husbands let their wives go “solo”….hahaha GO GIRLS!!!!!!

  4. Cherrye

    Thanks, everyone! We are back and we had a great time! We’ll both be posting about it soon.

    Erin-ha ha. I thought of that, but…ya know??

    G-you’ll have to join us next time!

    Arlene-It wasnt nearly as scurry as I thought!

    Homebody-I love Italian shoes, too. And, surprisingly the shoes seemed much more affordable there than here in CZ.

    J-when you come to CZ, we will definitely have ritas. although, you might prefer limoncello!

    Backpacker Momma-We took TONS of pics! And, we ate. A little!

    Ha ha, Jeff!! Very funny. My mom was worried, too. She made me tell her where I wanted to be buried! Isnt that horrible!?!

    Stephanie-We had a good time, but we didnt actually “ask” them. ha… We’ll let the boys go on the next trip. Maybe. We would love to meet up with Sarina and Ale if they are ever in our area!!

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