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Some of you might remember a couple of months ago when I dedicated August as my All-Italian language month. As I  reported, it went well-my grammar got kicked up a notch and I became more fluid in everyday conversations.

I’ve been asked to interpret and translate and although I am not 100% confident in my language skills, I am conversational. And that is a good thing, right?

Well, a few weeks ago I was introduced to ItalianPod101.com.

Learn Italian with Free Podcasts

I clicked through to their site and was instantly charmed by the home page video of a sassy Italian marketing their products. I was charmed – so I did as any new user to their site can do – I signed up for a free account.

For seven days, new users have access to all of their lessons, receive daily emails regarding the program lesson of the day and can listen to their audios, read scripts and visit the Learning Center.

“Since they asked me to be an affiliate, I’ll check it out.” I thought. “This might be good for beginning Italian students or for Italy-bound travelers.”

In my expat-ego horror, I clicked on “Advanced” and started to listening to “Nicole’s Italy.”


It is not just for beginner’s, folks.

I went to the Learning Center, downloaded the dialogue, opened the lesson notes, audio transcript and vocabulary list,  and got down to business.

My favorite thing about this premium lesson was the interactive line-by-line audio transcript. More often than not I understand the gist of the dialogue, but I lose words here and there throughout the conversation.

This tool allowed me to read along-and listen to each line, one word at a time, until I got it.

It’s brilliant!

Also included in the lesson are vocabulary flashcards and practice questions, designed to reinforce your vocabulary, writing and comprehension.

Incredibly, podcasts and forum access are free. F-R-E-E!

I know …

However, ItalianPod101 also three membership levels that start at $4.00 a month.

I recommend this website for anyone who is planning a trip to the bel paese, for people who are trying to improve  their grammar or vocabulary skills and for anyone else who is serious about learning Italian.

Click here to check out ItalianPod 101 today.

And be sure to let me know what you think!

3 Responses
  1. I tried this podcast before I moved to Italy and I wasn’t that happy with it. I got really bored with the monotone dialogue. So, I tried Italianpod.com (withouth the 101) and I found it much more entertaining. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are producing anymore lesson.

    Oh my goodness, I couldn’t put them down! Did you try the free week of premiere lessons? I learned so many new vocabulary words with them.

    .-= Sonia P.´s last blog ..Trying to learn the language =-.

  2. I am a huge fan of the Rosetta Stone language courses.

    When I was in school, I had great language programs and never heard or saw a word of English in a French or Spanish class. For the same reason I bought Rosetta Stone to learn some Italian before traveling there in 2007 and loved it. There’s no translation at all. It’s done at the computer, but you can focus your efforts on audio, visual, written, spoken, whatever your needs will be (research, vacation, diplomatic, etc.). And, it was fun!

    NO English in your high school classes? You are SO LUCKY! Yes, RS is a great program, just a bit $$ for some language learners.

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