Part of this post was originally published in March, ’07, but since I’ve been out of the country for the better part of a month, I’ve missed my markets and I wanna talk about ’em again.

You see, Thursday is Market Day in Catanzaro Lido and like all good Calabrians, I like to make my way there at least once a month. The rows of €5.00 shirts, nickle trinkets and fresh flowers pull me in every time.

And I love it.

Recently, my hubby and I were enjoying a passeggiata at the market when I saw a line of the cutest, most feminine lingerie ever!

Ok, well it wasn’t exactly the most feminine lingerie I have ever seen, but it was pretty darn cute for the mercatino.

So, I stopped.
“Can I help you?” The cheerful saleslady asked.

“Yes, but I have a problem,” I attempted and Pep finished for me … .

“I don’t know my Italian size.”

“No problem,” she said. “I know American sizes, what size are you?”

So I told her my size and she invited me behind the table to look through her selection.

“You can try them on,” she said.

“In there?” I asked as I pointed to the storage van behind her.

“Si, certo,” she said. “I even have a mirror.”

Well, those of you in Italy know how it works. You crawl into their van, they slam the door shut and you try on your clothes.

It is dark, and, on days like today, damp and cold. I usually try to avoid the van-doubling-as-a-fitting-room scene, but I had no choice. Cute lingerie from the market is a must!

So, I hop into the van and as expected, she slams the door shut.

I begin to change when I feel a little-too-much breeze on my back. I turn my head only to see the back of the van wide open.


There were boxes stacked high, so I figured I was safe. A few seconds later she walks to the back to check on me, a few more minutes later I tap on the door for her to open it, and a few more minutes later, I am the proud owner of two new mercatino lingerie sets.

Come on, admit you … you love the markets, too, don’t you? Where is your favorite market and what are your favorite things to buy there?

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  1. You were brave getting into the van!!! I just read a related post, Number 1 from above…you got in the van then 🙂 🙂

    I love the markets over there, in the UK they just don;t have the same feeling..:-(
    Oh yes, I get in the vans! lol

  2. Leslie

    Haha, I love this story. So funny. I actually love going to open markets…or in TX…Trade days. I try to go to Canton at least every 6 months. So much fun, and great deals.
    You know I have NEVER been, Leslie. Maybe next time I am in Texas we can make a trip together!!

  3. The only market I have been to in Italy is in Florence. I LOVED it! Loved the seletion- leather goods, deruta ceramics, jewelry, food- you name it! Oh, and don’t even get me started on the flea markets!!
    Oh I would love to go back to the leather markets in Florence. The markets in Palermo are great, too!
    My Melange’s last blog post..Love Thursday: Funny Faces

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