La Buona Cucina Americana

Some of the best food in the world is found in the United States and as Judith said when she started La Buona Cucina Americana recipe series, us expats miss that food.

Today is the last day of my Home for the Holidays vacation and in a few hours my husband and I will be heading to Houston, then to London, then Calabria and I will be back to creatively substituting ingredients to masterfully mix my favorite Texana dishes.

In case you have missed any of the recipes we have done so far, take a look at this. There were cookies, crab cakes, chicken wings and doughnuts … I’m gaining weight just looking at the list.

For a great new American recipe you can try this weekend, head on over to Judith’s and be sure to save me some. I’ll be back soon!

Buon Weekend!

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  1. Hello there!
    Oh dear, I can’t say that I’m a fan of American food… indeed, I think I’ve been known to say that it’s the worst in the world – no offense – but I can’t understand how (living in Calabria) that you can miss it. The food is so wonderful there! And speaking of wonderful – just letting you know that I managed to get your B&B in the Calabria book we wrote and I’ve just seen the proofs back from the printers and it made it (although some text was cut) and I’m not too happy with their choice of photos (even if Terry did take them – they didn’t necessarily pick the best). I’ll let you know when the book hits the bookshelves.

    Happy New Year!
    How exciting, Lara! We can’t wait … and on that American cuisine, we’ll just have to get you something a tad tastier next time you are in the US!
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