I know, I know … Christmas is over but sometimes when you live in a foreign country (read: Italy) you see funny things you just have to share with the rest of the world.

Like, for example the Christmas present I saw last month when I was wrapping up my to-buy list.

I was with my Irish pal and I heard her gasp and say, “Now why in the world would they write that?”

Hmm … I guess someone wasn’t on Santa’s Good List this year …

What are some other funky things you have seen written in English in foreign countries? Were any as bad as this? Please share!

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  1. I’m sure whoever made it had someone specific in mind! I don’t recall any products but some of the music lyrics I remember hearing in Europe (English lyrics) were crazy offensive!
    Yea, isn’t it hilarious, Joe?? Gotta love those translations!
    joe@italyville’s last blog post..Buon Anno!

  2. j

    I think I said something like this when I watched the Texas vs Ohio State (my Alma Mater) football game Monday night.
    Ouch. No comment … HOOK EM HORNS!

  3. Jean

    That is so funny!!! The perfect vehicle for big brother to pull little brother around in. If my nephews were still little I’d be tempted to get it somehow for the older one (even though lil bro is really a sweetie).
    Ha! Poor little brother!!

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