Il Ponte Bisantis: Catanzaro’s Landmark Bridge


Think there is nothing more to Catanzaro than spicy morzello, tourist-free beaches or outdoor markets? Think again. In 1962 the Province of Catanzaro constructed a landmark bridge that would become the symbol for Catanzaro and would serve as the welcoming beacon for this regional seat.

The massive single-arch concrete bridge connects downtown Catanzaro to the western suburbs and crosses the Little River, or Fiumarella that divides the city. The bridge is 1,536 feet long and rises 360 feet from the valley. The arch was constructed from two independent half-arches which combine and stretch 758 feet in width. In 2001 the bridge was illuminated and named Il Ponte Bisantis, in memory of Catanzaro native and Repubblica Italiana senator, Fausto Bisantis.

The bridge is the second largest concrete arch bridge in the world and boasts the second largest arch in Europe.

 And it’s pretty impressive at night, too don’t you think?

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  1. NIce. We have a very pretty bridge the crosses the Hudson River, about 2 minutes from my house. It is stunningly beautiful at night as well.
    Oh I WISH we could see this bridge from our house … that would be sooo romantico!

  2. Maria from Philly

    I love that bridge, my husband and I were in awe the first time we saw it and crossed it! Its pretty amazing! My next favorite bridge is the Ben Franklin Bridge here in Philadelphia 🙂
    I have never been to Philly, Maria. Isn’t that shameful?? I’ll have to get there soon so I can compare these bridges, too.

  3. Carla

    Ahh the memories of walking that bridge each day to the center…a little scary to cross though! As you remember Fra has a pretty nice view of it from his balcony…you can actually see his building in the first picture!
    I know! I noticed that when I posted it. Like I told PC below … you guys are CRAZY! That is a scary bridge to walk across.

  4. j

    I don’t think I saw that bridge when I was there. I came by train and I seem to remember crossing over a bridge on the train. Could that be right? It looks on the map like there are a few bridges that cross that river. I suspect the others aren’t so big.
    Nope. This is the mamma bridge-the biggest of all and the train doesn’t go on it. You will have to come back, J so you can see it!

  5. I loved that bridge, although as Carla says it’s intimidating to walk across. I also loved the huge concrete traffic circle suspended in midair on the east side of the city. Specifically, I loved flying around it at crazypants kilometers per hour.

    I was there in 2001 when it was dedicated to Bisantis, and they lit the whole bridge up and shot fireworks off of it. It was awesome. I wish I had pictures.
    I couldn’t imagine walking across it. You guys are BRAVE. Yikes. I’m not so much into traffic circles, either. I drove through my first one EVER a few months ago. I wish you had pics of the dedication, too. I bet it was amazing!

  6. Hi Cherrye – it is a very photogenic bridge at night.

    Out of curiosity, were the bridge’s designers Italian?

    I’m sure I could hunt down this info on the web, but I thought I’d ask you first.


    They were, Alex. I can find more info and send it to you if you like!

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