It’s no secret Italy abounds with natural beauty, stunning people and ageless architecture. And the food ain’t bad, either.

But what goes on behind the scenes? Where do the stereotypes end and the real Italy begin?

Frequent visitors to the bel paese have witnessed death-defying collisions on Italian roadways, know you can’t find a decent, if any, restaurant open before 7:30 PM and have been whistled or stared at by men half their age. But that one is not so bad.

Megan, the Expat Coach at Career by Choice recently tweeted a few of us Italian expats with the teaser, “You know you are Italy when …” Michelle followed up with an extended post at and bam! A contest was born.

The contest is being hosted at Career by Choice and you can learn all about it here. The contest has been extended and now ends at MIDNIGHT (Italian time) on Tuesday, September 30!

Not an Italian expat? No worries. Megan will be hosting these snapshot contests for expats of other countries in coming months. So head on over to Career by Choice to either enter the contest or read the more than 100 entries previously submitted. And if you are not an expat, feel free to leave your “You know you are in Italy when …” comments below.

Good luck and Happy Love Thursday.

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  1. Yes – I love the list at Megan’s site. I may have to print it out.

    And I’m really enjoy Twitter. It’s a fun way to connect, like a wee chat room, throughout the day.

    Gorgeous photos! What kind of flowers are those?

    I’m enjoying twitter, as well. It is like a chat room of your favorite people all day. You are right. Flowers … boh! 🙂

  2. You know you’ve been in Italy when a year later you’re mailed a traffic ticket for driving in a no-permit zone! Thank you Pisa!

    But seriously – we did love Italy and can’t wait to go back. :o)
    ah, yes. Pisa is notorious for that. I’m sorry. 🙁 I am glad you aren’t holding it against us!

  3. beautiful. i would love to see all of it in person.
    We’d love for you to see it in person. It is especially nice at night … better than the pics, really.

  4. I feel quite sure that what I say during a day is not worth broadcasting….
    Bouganvillea just like in California.
    I have been here long enough that mostly things feel ordinary and not that different. I don’t know how things are now in the US? What did come to my eye yesterday was teenagers sitting in commuter train seats while really elderly people stood in the aisles. Maybe that is also in the US?
    I noticed that, too Judith. It is so odd. My parents woulda smacked us.

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