First of the Month Recipe: Summer Caffé Shakerato


I know … I know. Summer is ending, but is it really ever too late for an shaken iced coffee treat?

I didn’t think so.

As with many of the other things I’ve learned to create since arriving in Italy, this icy coffee beverage evolved out of necessity.

– It’s 100 degrees in the shade
– Italians are worried we’ll die if we activate the AC
– I miss Starbucks. (There I said it!)

So, today I present to you MY VERSION of the Caffé Shakerato. I love it. Il Cedro guests loved it. And I hope you will, too.


>> One shot of espresso
>> 1/2 cup of milk
>> 8-10 ice cubes
>> Sugar
>> Cocoa


1. The basis of any good coffee drink is a hefty, flavorful espresso. I like Aiello. It is from Calabria.

2. In a cocktail shaker (who KNEW they could be used for non-alcoholic treats?) combine espresso, milk and ice.

3. Add slightly more sugar than you would for a hot cappuccino and sprinkle with cocoa. Sometimes when I am feeling frisky I add a spoon of vanilla syrup. Yum!

4. And shake shake shake … shake shake shake … shake your groove thing, Awe! Shake your groove thing. And, yes. I actually dance a bit and sing this song as I shake.

5. Pour into a glass, collect foam from the bottom of the shaker, add to the top of your glass and garnish with cocoa.


My recipe too basic for you? Here are few more caffé shakerato recipes you might enjoy.

Shakerato with Chocolate Syrup

Shakerato with Bailey’s Irish Cream

Shakerato with Ice Cream

Have you ever had a caffé shakerato? Do you have yours at breakfast or is it better as an afternoon or evening snack?

* Happy Labor Day to our US-based buddies and a big hug and prayer to our friends along the Gulf Coast. We’re thinking about you …

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  1. Ah, what a great recipe! Just what I need to get over my jet lag and first-day-of-work blues. I didn’t get to Starbucks when I was Toronto but I did have lots of Tim Horton’s coffee (a Canadian chain). Sooo good!
    Sounds good. Next time I am in Canada I will have to try it. I bet this little shakerato will lift your back to work blues a bit!

  2. Carla

    The best caffé shakerato I’ve tried is at Central Bar in Montepaone Lido. Definitely worth the drive for you, Cherrye! Nicola prepares many variations, all delicious. One recipe I have calls for coffee ice cream. So many different ways to enjoy this treat!
    Awesome. Thanks for the tip. As soon as you get back we’ll have to go!

  3. my mouth is watering right now. This is on my list for a “Labor Day” treat 🙂 Yay, it’s a holiday today.

    I LOVE caffe’ shakerato…and yes, I add baileys sometimes 🙂
    He he… I haven’t b/c I always have this at breakfast. But maybe I should!??

  4. Fantastic.

    Not quite right for England right now (it’s tippling down with rain – hissing against the windows, in fact. Miserable and drab. I love England, can you tell?).

    But that’s still heavenly. And yes, roasted coffee beans scattered on the top. This should be more popular than it seems to be, generally.
    (Along with chocolate-covered coffee beans).
    Already nasty in England, eh?? You definitely need to come back to Italy ASAP!

  5. Oh this is just perfect! I make this all the time without the cocoa- I use cinnamon…Im going to try the cocoa. I will also start using my shaker!
    Great idea. Mille grazie. Salute!
    Prego! I *heart* cinnamon. I might try that, too!

  6. Can I ask a request for travel tip Tuesday? What is the best travel book to bring with you? I want to know about sites and restaurants.
    Absolutely. Will get on that, Running. Thanks.

  7. I started making shakeratos this summer when it was too hot to have my usual coffee in the morning… And I love them! I make sure to put the sugar (& cocoa, which I sometimes also use) into the shaker first, and then mix it up with the coffee before adding milk & ice so that it has a chance to dissolve. And I use nonfat milk (because that’s what we have in the house), so I don’t get nearly as much foam as you do… Although perhaps it’s because I’m not doing the little song & dance routine? Hmm…
    It is definitely the song and dance, Jessica! I use skim milk, too! 🙂 Love the idea about adding sugar first. Great tip!

  8. I’ll be shakin up one of these real soon! Thanks for the recipe. I love how your finished drink turned out, all foamy and good!
    Thanks, Marie. Enjoy!

  9. Yum — I have had those, especially during hot summers visiting my relatives in Ticino. I remember all the rage was this one iced coffee brand (likely nestle) that came with a plastic shaker just for the coffee.

    It’s ok to miss Starbucks — as much as I love indie coffee shops in the U.S., and the concept of European cafes when I am visiting my family, I really have a soft spot for Starbucks. Yes, it’s a huge corporate giant, but it did get Americans into the habit of coffeehouse culture in some ways.
    Oh how fun … a free “shaker.” Love it! And I agree with your thoughts on Starbucks. They did get us into the coffeehouse culture, as well as thinking that $6 or $7 for coffee was normal!

  10. Aaron

    A barista at a coffeebar in Chicago told me about an iced drink from Italy made with Espresso, Ice, sugar, and Salt or Baking Soda! Have you seen this? I can’t find anything about it on the web.

    Interesting-I have not heard of it. Sorry!

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