Fill ‘er Up Panini Recipe

If you are like me you end up with bits and pieces of leftover lunch meat, almost-all-eaten cheese and remnants of fresh veggies just sitting in your refrigerator. If this sounds like you, then this panini recipe is the perfect way to use up those leftovers without feeling like you’ve missed out on a good dinner.

Panini Recipe, Filled Panino

Fill ‘er Up Panino

– Homemade Italian bread
– Pesto
– Lunch meat
– Cheese of your choice

Any combination of the following
– Grilled peppers
– Tomatoes
– Avocado
– Olives
– Lettuce
– Arugula


1. Slice bread in half and remove the top.

2. Spread pesto across the bottom half.

3. Fill up your sandwich with any combination of ingredients.

4. Put the top on your sandwich and wrap it in plastic wrap.

5. Place it inside your refrigerator and cover it with a cookie shee

6. Place heavy objects on top of the cookie sheet to press your panino.

7. Let sit at least two hours before eating.

Buon Appetito!

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