Someone once said, “How do you know a blogger is having fun? When she’s too busy dreaming to post.”

I like that.

Unfortunately, dreaming is the only thing I have not been doing…

Working, working, working?? Now, that is more like it. I have to admit, though – I LOVE it. I’ve also been working on a new post with the latest Il Cedro updates. Our new blog site is up and runnin’, since, this being Italy, and our web designer being Italian…we’re still on hold for our official site. Check out the blog, though. We like it!

What I’d really like to talk about today, though, is something much more meaningful than work (although I am not gettin’ gelato on my looks, so work is still a requisite). Today, I’d like to talk about LUV!

And, no – not the cutie, smoozie, woozie kind, but rather, the I’ve-found-a-really-good-friend kind.

A few months ago we held the first Calabrian Women’s Summit in Catanzaro. I was graced with a visit from a great West Virginian-turned-Bovalinoian gal, who, although a member of the Calabrian Women’s trio, is still, sadly, hours away. Rounding out the threesome was the babe from Badolato, affectionatly known by many, as our very own, Sognatice.

She is the reason for this post.

There have been a few other visits and phone calls, and many many more emails since that rainy March weekend when the American gals took over Viale Isonzo – if only in our minds. And, although it may be difficult for many of you to imagine, friendships like this, whether based on general fondness, vicinity, or a final desperate attempt at female companionship, can grow and mature at a far more expeditious rate than what could be considered the norm.

Somehow, in this vast Calabrese land, seemingly devoid of most things American (except, of course, for Paris Hilton, but that is a post for another day) it is comforting to know there is someone else who truly understands my plight. It makes the tough days easier, and the easier days more fun.

Kinda like yesterday! Our resident blog stalker finally made his way to Calabria. Rich and Melissa, who I promise you’ll hear more about later, encouraged a second round take-over for the English speakers when they arrived in the piazza in the “downtown” village of Badolato. Peppe and I met them there, where we were joined for a short time by a north-of-the-border Canadian neighbor. Imagine the sceptical glances we received as we walked through the village proudly exclaiming, “Hey, look at this!” (Snap snap of the camera.) Then, a litle later, “How much farther up this hill, Michelle?!?”

Luckily, half-way through the day, our hike in the heat was rewarded with a delizioso pranzo! Michelle was worried, I believe, how Peppe would react to the cold pasta salad. Three helpings later (with several glasses of homemade vino drained) she was convinced he loved it.

Our beautiful, relaxing, almost-like-a-day-at-home evening ended with limoncello at the main piazza bar in Badolato where I met…guess who?? P! He really does exist! As does, the bella Luna, who, along with her Mommy, hosted a perfectly perfect day!

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  1. Giulia

    What a lovely post. I think it’s great that you two were able to bond and become friends. Michelle seems like a really sweet person, as do you! Maybe one day my family and I will venture on down futher into the boot for a vacation. I’d love to meet up with you guys. Know of any good places we could stay? 😉

  2. Louise

    First off..LOVE your website, its GREAT!! Me and my hubby most definitely have to make our way over!! The pictures of you and your man are really nice, you are a beautiful couple!!
    I love the womens summit…what a great idea!! Its great to have someone who knows what you are going through, definitely a comfort I’m sure!
    Great post as usual!
    Have a great week, don’t work too hard!

  3. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    Sounds like a perfect day. One of highlights of my last two Italy trips was meeting Nicki, Tracie B. and Shelley.

    The internet bringing people together. It’s a good thing.

  4. j

    I’m happy you guys have each other as friends. It kind of reminds me of my grandmother who lived in the Italian neighborhood here for 60 years and never learned English because she had all her Italian friends here. That won’t be you guys will it?

  5. Erin

    That’s awesome to have found a bond and a wonderful friendship. There are so many new friends that I now have that I’d love to meet in person, you included. Hope you have another happy day!

  6. Texas Espresso

    aaaww that is so sweet. I am a living testament to the bonds that can be formed over the internet (ahem.. Italian husbands that is). I think its great you are getting to know each other – it sounds like such a lovely day. AND i have already informed my Italian we will be going down south sometime in the future.

    Cant wait to see the pictures.. hint hint

  7. Nadine

    The bed and breakfast looks great. I always wanted to visit Italy, now I’ll have to make a stop by your place.

    It’s nice to have friends you can get together with. Have a great weekend.

  8. sognatrice

    Aw, I’m all verklempt here. What lovely things to say! I had a great time too, and perhaps it’s selfish, but I’m glad you’re here in no-man’s land too 🙂 And I’m *very* glad that Peppe liked the pasta salad and that you got to meet P and Luna!

  9. Cherrye

    Hey there ya’ll!

    Giula – Ya’ll come on down. You aren’t too far. I have heard of a “decent” B&B nearby! 🙂

    Louise – Thanks for all of the compliments…I am blushing! I hope you and your hubby can make it over to Italy. But if you do – wear good shoes to Badolato! ha

    NYC – this is the first time I have meet a “blogger” from the states. Maybe next time you can come to Calabria, too. Have you ever been here?

    J – we are taking over, remember? everyone else will be speaking English, too! 🙂

    Erin – it seems “strange” that most of havent met “in preson,” doesnt it? After hearing so much about each other’s lives, it is almost like we have! I hope to meet you one day, too.

    Stacy – Does this mean you are in Italy now?? The internet is GREAT for the Italian husband thing, too. Although Peppe and I didnt meet on the interne – it definitely kept us going!

    Nadine – Thank you. Now you have an even better excuse to come to Italy.

    Sognatice – Selfish? Us? NEVER! I’m just lucky I finally got to try a What’s Cooking Wednesday dish.

    Meredith – Thanks…do you have similiar issues in Provence or are there a lot of Americans around you?

  10. Texas Espresso

    Cherrye – not yet! Still in Texas – my move will probably be end of the year, depending on work. I will let you know! Southern Italy is in my 2008 travel plans. hehe

  11. Rich

    I feel all mysterious, like we’re going to be part of some big reveal down the road! You can read my comment on another post about the lengths I went to to “de-stalk”. I’m quite certain that older residents of Badolato are currently erecting fortifications in reaction to the invasion of the North Americans, Sognatrice will have to confirm….

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