Love Thursday: My Cutie, Smoozie, Woozie

In honor of Love Thursday, and nothing else except the fact that he is a cutie, smoozie, woozie (aheh, do you think we really talk like that?!?) – today’s post is dedicated to Peppino Mio.

The Top Five Reasons my Cutie Smoozie Woozie

(I just had to say it one more time!)

is a Keeper!
5. He spoils me rotten. Breakfast in bed at least three times a week…this doesn’t even NEED an explanation!
4. He is nice to old, I mean, ur, old’er people, little kids, and animals. I think this speaks wonders about a person’s character. He gives up his seat to old’er ladies and has unlimited patience with the sick and aging. He can play with kids without tiring, or sit for hours and talk to older family members.
3. He is different than the Southern Italian stereotype macho man. The stereotype-guy doesn’t know how to cook or clean or untie Mamma’s apron stings. Not so much the case with my Peppino. He actually cleans more than I do and is a wiz in the cucina. I have to knock him out of the way so I can learn. Not a bad problem to have, is it girls?
2. He respects our different cultures. When I said Sognatice was the only other American I knew near Catanzaro, that wasn’t completely true. There is another American woman who is married to an Italian friend of Peppe’s dad. She has lived most of her life in Italy, had two or three kids, all of whom live in Italy, and rarely, if ever, returns to the US. She mis-pronounces English words and asks me about American traditions. I don’t want to become that. I love America and I am proud (most of the time) of my country. And, so is Peppe. We love each other’s differences, and even though we live in Italy, we incorporate both of our traditions and cultures into our daily life. He would never want me to give that up.
1. He’s not ashamed of being in love. You know those guys who “love you, love you, love you” when you are alone with them, but won’t even touch you when they are near their friends. Well, this ‘ain’t’ Peppe. He is not the overly-affectionate PDA-type, but a perfect balance of the two.
Here’s hoping the rest of you have, or are found by, someone as wonderful!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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  1. j

    The traits you chose to describe are nice. But we will really see how nice he is when he finds out you called him your cutie smoozie woozie on the internet!

  2. Nadine

    I think you should marry him. 🙂 He is a keeper…what a lovely tribute to the one you love. I can’t wait for the wedding and the pictures.

  3. Texas Espresso

    awww that was so sweet. Sounds like you have a good one. That breakfast in bed would be the clincher for me. hehe

    whens the wedding?

  4. Erin

    What a great man! Those are all very good reason to love someone. He sounds like he really values and cherishes you!

  5. Kataroma

    He does sound like a great guy – lucky you! I like what you said about respecting your different cultures. i think that’s key to an intercultural relationship.

    And also thanks for linking to the Chaplin and Little Italy B&Bs! My boyfriend is also going to link to your B&B from his blog site.

    BTW- I could not find that book i mentioned at home. But the advise was basically to a) have a blog which you attach to your website (you seem to be doing that already), make sure that you use your keywords a lot in the text of your site and a few other little things like that. You can probably find this stuff out by doing a google search. Another option might be to go to and look for a book on this.

    Ciao! kataroma

  6. Cherrye

    J-Very funny! I admitted the post to him (at your request). He nodded a little bit, then said, “What’s a cutie, smoozie, woozie?” Gotta love the language barrier!

    Thank you Nadine! I cant believe it is only 6 months away!

    NYC – thanks 🙂 I like him!

    Corina – you are right. It does keep it interesting. It is a little harder to explain sometimes, but do we really have to?

    Cassie – ha ha! And, lots of cousins!

    Stacy – the wedding is in November. I had a nice coffee this morning!

    Louise and Erin – Thanks! It’s funny how relationships can grow so much sronger over time, isnt it?

    Katie – thanks for the comment on Peppe AND for the info for the websites. I’m still working on it!!

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