After yesterday’s boast about my new pal the friendship theme lingered in my mind. It was all I could see, no matter where I looked.
In the evening, I spent time chatting with a not-so-old, but very dear friend for what seemed like, oh no – it WAS hours!
I caught up on a few more emails (a seemingly never-ending, but friendship-rewarding task).

I heard from a former student who is visiting Europe and desperately trying to work out the train schedules to make it to Catanzaro.

But, then I started noticing, not only my friendships, and my personal egocentrical life-revolves-around-me relationships, but the friendships that were bonded, in many cases, decades before I ever muttered the word “Calabria.”

Peppe with one of his oldest friends, Mario. Mario speaks very little English, but never fails to consider if I might need to “get out of the house” when Peppe is working. Many times he calls or stops by in an attempt to help me adjust to Calabrian life. I appreciate it, but know he doesn’t do it for me…but for Peppe.

Last night we were invited to Mario’s house to watch the Milan-Liverpool Match for the Champions League final. As I was sitting on the sofa with his parents, his daddy, Giuseppe (Joseph), and his mom, Maria (we joke that this would make Mario baby Jesu), Peppe snapped this picture with my NEW CAMERA! Immediately after this picture, Papà Giuseppe tells me that September will mark 50 YEARS since he had his first date with his wife.
I find this endearing, not only because 1) 50 years is a remarkable milestone, but, also 2) the dude remembered!

Bravo Papà Giuseppe!

Here’s hoping that YOU spend 50 YEARS with your Best Friend! And, if you already have – here’s to 50 more!

Sadly, this marks the final week for Love Thursday posts. The LT gang brought us together and encouraged us to look for love in the miracles of everyday life. They have done a phenomenal job of highlighting the positive aspects in our world. I know I am not alone in wishing them the best in their future endeavors, and in sending a heartfelt GRAZIE to them for their creation.

Happy Love Thursday!

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  1. sognatrice

    You are such a good fidanzata for sitting through the game–I’m so happy P isn’t into calcio (now if he liked any American sport, I’d be happier). Congrats on the camera!

  2. AA

    New cameras are so much fun. I like the camera I have now, but I am coveting a new one. I am also coveting a life in a foreign country!

  3. Giulia

    Wow, he remembers the 50th year anniversary of his first date?! That is so romantic. *sigh*
    That is TRULY a remarkable milestone!

  4. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    That is very romantic. I hope one day I will meet a man who will remember our first date or at least my phone number. 🙂

  5. j

    I don’t remember our first date, but I do remember three important rondezvous that looked like things could get serious…the street fair, the tennis match, and the camping trip…wow.

    So you have a camera…hurray! I will start giving you a list of photo requests starting with the Lido.

  6. Pat

    You’re mother-in-law looks hip. Calabria…ah but for the good old days of black dresses and gray haired in buns.

  7. PastorMac's Ann

    I want a 50 year friendship with my best friend, Pastormac! Wonderful.

    Happy Farewell LT. I’ll miss it. But I’ll keep stopping by for visits. Love is still all around us right?!

  8. Cherrye

    Oh Sogn – I only made it through the game cause we had some of Mario’s homemade wine and Marc’s mom’s homemade limoncello!

    AA – We try to show the best parts of living abroad…but, well – why don’t you at least come for a visit?

    G, Boongo, and Louise – isn’t that precious???

    NYC – LOL!

    J – that is great you can identify those major “turning points”. I bet your wife would be proud!

    Which pics do you want first?? 🙂

    Pat – they still have the black clothes and gray hair…this lady is cool!

    PM – you are right! We should keep up the love! 🙂

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