Tour del Gelato: Marrons Glacés in Catanzaro (Calabria)

All hail the Gelato Giant, the Connoisseur of the Cone, the Explorer of Epicurean Enlightenment … or, for those of you in the know … Ms. Adventures in Italy.

A couple of years ago, Tour del Gelato was launched in the name of all that is good to showcase gelaterie around the world that have one commonality … absolutely incomparable and deliciously mouth-watering, so-creamy-it-melts-onto-your-hands gelato.

And this is Catanzaro’s first entry.

My first visit to Catanzaro was in August 2003 – my first stop?

Marrons Glacès

Back then, eager patrons crammed into a tightly packed bar, paid €1.50 for their cones and battled for one of two tables available inside. In proper Italian mode, Marrons Glacès quickly began organizing their packed house by providing ticket machines. When lines to get to the ticket machines started crowding Catanzaro’s newest hot spot, Marrons Glacès owners took action.

They began distributing ticket numbers at the register and they expanded the joint, a few more tables inside … an over-sized patio outside … and it’s still just €1.50 for your choice of cup or cone.

So the crowds kept coming.

It was easy when Michelle, of Bleeding Espresso asked if I wanted to join her today and recognize two of Calabria’s best gelaterie. Not only do I love to share this place with visitors and guests, but I’ll jump at any opportunity to have gelato, especially this gelato.

So, I headed out, husband in tow for our typical “date night” locals … Da Ciro’s Pizza, Marrons Glacès Gelato and a stroll along the Catanzaro Lido lungomare.

Unfortunately, my camera’s night pics leave much to be desired, but there isn’t really a sign from the Lungomare side … and what they have isn’t well-lit. However, it is impossible to miss. Marrons Glacès is located halfway down the Lungomare … and there is always a crowd. But just in case, the address is

Via Lungomare

88100 Catanzaro Lido

+39 0961.31306

As normal, the bar was hopping and I had more than one angry Italian waiting behind me as I snapped away.

Sadly for them, they are almost always waiting on me. With 52 varieties of cold homemade deliciousness, it is hard for a gal to choose, even though I have my staples … pistacchio, fragola and spagnola.

Really. You can’t go wrong with those.

Notice there is no picture of the final product? The top-heavy cone bobbling around the center and drizzling down the side with the glistening promise of a sticky sweet surprise?

Well, that would be my fault.

I asked my, uh… honey to guard my cone while I took one last picture of the case. I looked up to snap a quick pic of the cone – and it was half gone.

I promise you, people …

This stuff is that good.

Now that you are hungry, head over to Bleeding Espresso and check out Badolato’s best – Michelle is telling you all about it today. And for goodness sake’s people … give these places a try!

So tell me. What is your all-time favorite fall back flavor? Maybe it is hazelnut, or coconut or apple … see why I can’t ever decide?

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  1. My mouth is watering from those pictures. I love, love, love gelato. How I would love to taste real Italian gelato.
    Oh, Nadine. I hope you get to come over soon and try it!

  2. joanne at frutto della passione

    I love those kind of evenings, my husband would go for coffee and hazelnut, my son would get fior di latte, and I would get anything with chocolate in it – gianduia, nutella, bacio – mixed with something new – all yummy. And I love places like this because the have the neatest flavours!
    Oooooh…. all GREAT choices. I love bacio, too. They also have a flavor called “Marrons Glacés” that everyone loves.

  3. I can certainly attest to the yum factor of this gelato. Can’t wait to have some this weekend!
    Ah, yes Michelle. I forgot to mention the SMURF flavor … remember that?? And for everyone else – DONT try it. It was the only bad flavor I’ve ever had at this place!!

  4. That’s it. I’ve got to go to Pozzetto and find a fallback flavor.

    The things I have to do for research in order to be able to comment!

    : )
    You know, you do. No one ever said blogging was easy!

  5. I may have to sample the Nocciola, Stracciatella and bacio on Saturday 🙂 Can’t wait! I love gelato! 
    Ah yes. Remember that email when I said we’d go get gelato. This is the place! The nocciola there is amazing, too. I just think I ate too much of it, ya know how that works. Kinda like when you drink too much vodka. I hear.

  6. vanessa

    my favourite flavour of all time is licorice!! Delicious. I noticed here in Italy it is more a lighter brown colour and not the balck you find elsewhere.

    We have some fabulous gelaterias here in Messina, my favourite being one called ‘perigoloso’ (word play on dangerous and greedy) but actually i am not a great gelato fan overall. Probably the wrong place to post this (being an icecream post!!) but i prefer savoury stuff. And granita on really hot days….
    Why am I not surprised you don’t like gelato?? ha ha I’ve never had licorice gelato… interesting.

  7. My mouth is watering!! I can never make my mind up. Love Pistacchio, Cherry, Pineapple, Mango see can;t make my mind up either…I know my husband loves Limone. This one sounds tasty. Frutti di Bosco – a mixture of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries unds tasty…

    I love licorice but never heard of a licorice gelato!!

    Found this site…if you want to take a look.
    You know I LOVE lemon, but rarely get lemon gelato. I’ll have to try that one. Thanks for the link!

  8. I am proud to be royalty whenever it comes to gelato!! Fall back flavor…rather the barometer for measuring success of a gelateria is pistacchio…which I never ate before living here in Italy. Also great: Bacio, Mango, anything with crunch! (I miss DQ Blizzards, what can I say)

    We need an address for this place!! 🙂
    TOTALLY agree with the pistacchi assessment. I never had it/liked it before Italy, either. And I miss Blizzards, too…Reeses Pieces…yum!

  9. Between you and Michelle, I need to take myself out to gelato very soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂
    Yes you do! Maybe you can write about a gelateria in NYC for us!

  10. Wow, nice to see someone found an article of mine about ordering gelato in Italy! 🙂 My favorite flavors, in no particular order, are – amarena, caramello, cioccolato fondente, lampone, and cioccolato all’arancia. My biggest dilemma is that some of the flavors I love are odd, like liquirizia, and so therefore are hard to pair with a second scoop. My fallback for those is usually fior di latte. And now I might have to dig into my homemade strawberry & peach gelati for dinner… It’s 100F here today, who could think of cooking??
    Oh yes. It came in handy. I went back to Marrons Glaces this weekend and I noticed they DO have liquirizia. Who knew??

  11. I think gelato is one of my all-time favorite treats. Oh and guess what my husband and I just made the decision that we’re going to Europe for two weeks next summer including Italy. I may actually get to take you up on that free night that I won way back when!!
    Yea, yea, yea … I will definitely take you to Marrons Glacès when you get here!

  12. Ooh, I love gelato. I can never choose between spagnola and coconut so I always end up with one scoop of each!!!
    Two of my favorites, as well, though I’ve never had them together … YET!

  13. Oh my. Oh my oh my.

    Those photos are bordering on pornographic.

    Now I *need* ice cream. As in needing food, shelter, a sense of community, mental stimulation and ice-cream – that kind of basic level of need. But I think I’d put ice-cream before all those things, right now.

    When I was in Rome in May, to my excruciating shame…..I didn’t have any gelato. Not a single scoop.
    *hangs head*
    So that’s one of the reasons I’m going back, ASAP.
    He he… I’m pretty sure that when needs aren’t met, people go crazy. It isn’t just for your good, Mike, but for the good of those around you. And, btw – I can’t believe you didn’t have gelato in Rome. WHAT DID YOU DO??

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