The Southern Italian – Southeast Texas Rain Dance

As our prayers for heaven’s tears go (as of yet) unanswered, my family in Texas in getting SWAMPED. Where normally one would complain about never-ending rainy days, my family has taken to bragging about them.

They are so cruel.

Earlier in the week my mom sang, “We have rain…we have rain…do ya’ll?”


Then, my friend Angela told me, “My pool overflowed today!”

Ahuhhh…poor thing….

Even Baby Cole got in a stab when he, in all of his 6 year old wisdom said, “I don’t know what we are going to do about all this rain!”

Well…he is forgiven.

Temperatures last week reached 111 degrees, and even the seemingly useless AC, became, in fact useless. We’ve seen more than our share of Southern Italian fires erupting that have ruined our beautiful countryside. Burnt fields have taken the place of our lush green mountains, and the scent of smoke and burning trees no longer incites fear or excitement.

The lack of rain combined with the fear of the fires has taken its toll. It is too hot to go to the beach, and, to echo the words of Beaumont Boy, Mark Chesnutt, it’s too hot to fish and too hot for golf.

Perhaps all of this explains the strange dream I had last night.

I was with my friend Sognatrice, her P and my P, and a crowd of other Calabrese. We were standing in the streets near the piazza at Catanzaro Lido literally, my friends, doing a RAIN DANCE.

And, we got after it!

We danced and jumped and sang chants that were incomprehensible in both the Italian and the English language until finally….

a single drop of rain,

followed by a steady drizzle,

that erupted into an all out rain storm.

We continued our celebratory dance in reward for our efforts until I awoke.

I stepped outside to see an overcast sky and was met with a cool chill. Is it possible? Did our rain dance do the trick?


That cloud lasted about 5 minutes, and once again, the sun is blazing down on us in what promises to be, another bellissima, albeit dryissima giorno!

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  1. Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome

    In this dream of yours, you, Sognatrice and a few friends were doing a rain dance?

    That’s too cute!

    Yup, the situation must be really bad for it to come to this 🙂

  2. sognatrice

    Girl, if my P was dancing, it was most definitely a dream. Perhaps even an incubo 😉

    But seriously, if you think it might work, I could make a trip to Lido….

  3. Jeff Gromen

    You had me there! I was saying, “How did they get rain? We didn’t!! What the…”
    Here it’s too windy to go to the beach today. It’s a nice cool tramontana so maybe it can bring some rain from up north.


  4. Cherrye

    Farfallina – It was very funny. I have very vivid dreams. I forgot to mention we were wearing Ethnic clothing!

    Sogn – haha…your P and my P both!! It was hilarious. I lol when I remembered it!
    – BTW – come to Lido anyway!

    Jeff – One can only hope. I went to the beach last weekend and it was really windy and sand kept blowing in my eyes. Not fun. Plus, it was HOT wind. Wish you were in Indiana?

  5. j

    Wow, I just read what you had to say about the fires, Sognatrice. It’s really too bad. It was interesting to hear that you think there is that much bias against the south (I suppose I should have written this in your blog, but you guys seem to have a bi-blog going here anyway).

    Not to make you all envious, but I am leaving on vacation for the Georgian Bay (northern Lake Huron in Canada) soon. It’s about a days drive and is ‘cool’ in every sense of the word. It has my vote for the best kept secret on the planet.

  6. sognatrice

    Cherrye, it worked!!!! It rained overnight here! There? Do tell!

    OK, so everything was dry by the time I woke up, but still…there’s also a cloud hanging overhead now. Who *knows* what could happen?!

    J, that’s funny what you said about the bi-blog; hadn’t thought of it that way, but I suppose when you’re the only two fully English blogs in Calabria, that’s bound to happen 😉

    Haven’t seen fires in a few days, thank goodness 🙂

  7. Poppy Fields

    Okay, if you figure out how to make it rain, you better let me know. The south of France is about out of water, our creeks are dry….

  8. Nadine

    I understand the lack of rain and high temps. Where I live is very dry and boasts 300 days of sun. The other side of the state gets all the rain. I pray that you get some relief soon.

  9. Texas Espresso

    my grandma used to know he Cherokee rain dance. I wish I had had the chance to learn it before she died! Hopefully the rain will come soon =)

  10. KC

    Still the same thing here, Cherrye! Clouds that look promising and then disappear! It’s so dry now the soil from the nearby fields is whipping around and if you leave the window open everything gets covered in dirt. Ick! Hope you do get some rain, soon! And sognatrice, I so envy you!

  11. Cherrye

    Well, J – I am definitely jealous of your trip…I hope you will let us know how it goes/went.

    Shan – thank you…we got some rain during the night on Friday! whoo hoo

    Michelle – we didnt get it when you did, but we did get it Fri night. It has been so nice and cool around here!

    Poppy – have you guys gotten rain yet? I saw the other day on the news and it looked like a rain cloud over you!

    Nadine – I didn’t realize you got all the sun in Wash state!! Poor Seattle! ha ha

    Stacy – my mom said my dream sounded like an Indian rain dance. She said it was the cherokee coming out in me…

    Thanks, Rebecca.

    KC – Did ya’ll get any yet? I didnt see it cause it was middle of the night on Fri, but it was damp the next morning!

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