Birds are singing and bees are buzzing – love is in the air. As in America, summer is the season of love, and with that love, comes marriage, and before you know it, a baby carriage.

Oh, wait. I got ahead of myself.

Anyway, you might remember a few weeks ago when I was lamenting over a dress I needed for a wedding. Well, I stuffed my chunky butt into that dress and headed on up to Benevento for my first experience, not only at an Italian wedding, but as an Italian testimone.

And, we had a BLAST.

After a five hour drive, ahem, with a broken AC, we arrived in bellissima Cepelone. The beautiful sposa, whose Belgian-born daddy is also a famous contractor lives just beneath a medieval castle. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

We arrived just in time for the pre-wedding party, where there were plenty of homemade sangrias and pizza for everyone. The multi-cultural crowd included relatives from Belgium, France, and Italy. And, of course – there was the Texana!

What a fest!

Nine o’clock came early the next morning, when we met again at the bride’s family’s home. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome, and someone even made me a cup of American coffee!

I was only the witness, but I felt like a princess when the hairstylist came down and offered me her services…of course, I also felt like Raggedy Ann, since I had, indeed already done my own hair…but I let that slip and accepted her offer!

At last the time came for us to make the short drive to the church. It was small and quaint, but full of charm and beauty. They even have a cat in residence who attends all of the masses and sits at the alter near the priest. I was unable to get pictures of the kitty since the bride and groom wanted us sitting right beside them. They even had special “testimone” chairs.

The bride and groom were all smiles as they exited the church, but many of the guests, myself included, were in tears.

At the reception, I enjoyed a few more Italian “firsts.”

– I ATE 11 courses that spread out over six hours!

– I danced a traditional Napoletano wedding dance with the bride’s father.

– I sang along to Italian karaoke.

Unlike some Italian weddings where the bride and groom sit alone at a sweetheart table, the sposi invited us to to the head table.

In the end it was a long day, twelve hours of wedding joy, to be exact.

But, it was a good day. A magical day. I feel honored to have been included in this special occasion and grateful to have been selected as one of their testimone, even if I was in a big, ole yellow dress!

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  1. sognatrice

    Aw, you and Peppe look so darn cute! Can’t wait for photos of *your* day đŸ™‚

    P and I dodged another wedding just yesterday. Phew!

  2. Giulia

    I don’t know if I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating if I have… you two make a beautiful couple! I’ve been in that situation where I’ve done my hair and was asked if I wanted it done by someone else. LMAO
    Only in Italia. đŸ˜‰

  3. j

    So Cherrye, I had a great trip with three beautiful sisters (one my best friend) and kids of various ages (sibs and cousins all). We would change in the bushes and jump from breathtaking heights off rock ledges into the chilling turquoise water of the Georgian Bay then climb out to warm up and sun on warm rocks (I thought of you guys as I pulled my shivering body out of that water). We had some savage games of ultimate frisbee and collapsed around campfires at night. We took a side trip to Stratford and looked into windows of little shops with names like Pariscope and saw some fun musical theater.

    It was a different kind of fun than it looks like you had, but it looks like you had a great time too. I guess there is just a lot of fun to be had in the world.

  4. Cherrye

    Hi Shan! Thank you. It was a good dress for an Italan wedding…I had room to grow!! lol

    Sogn-you are too lucky. We hit another one this weekend. I will post pics of that one, too.

    G – ah shucks!! Thanks. I dont know what to say! That was sweet. BTW, isn’t that hilarious abotu the hair? She did it much better than I had, though, so it worked out!

    Ciao Calabrisella – I did have fun. There were only about 50 people there and by the end of the weekend, we were all friends!

    Thank you, Nadine!

    WOW J! It sounds like you had a GREAT time! Where did you go again? I wanted to look it up, but I couldn’t find the comment where you mentioned it. It sounds amazing (and thanks for thinking of us burning up over here!) You are right! There is a lot of fun to be had. I think a lot of that depends on your attitude (and the people you are with)!

    NYC – I can’t make it through three either! This was CRAZY! It was over six hours though! A few of the courses I literally took two or three bites just to taste.

    The food was AMAZING btw. If any of you guys are near there – the restaurant was in a town caled Ariano Irpino and the restaurant was Byffi 2 (or Biffy 2) but I think the “y” and “i” were inverted…

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