simply can NOT go unanswered.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, a few days ago, when I met a fellow blogger and a blog stalker for lunch, I half-hazardly made a confession.

After a few “ahhhs” and “Oh my God’s” I heard…

“I dare you to blog about it!”

The problem is – I never was any good at Dare Games. “Truth or Dare” was my teenage downfall, because I sure as heck WASN’T gonna admit to anything, and I am too proud, or should I say, competitive, to resist a good dare.

So, here goes.







“Stars are Blind”

There – I admitted it. I downloaded it even! And, if I still had an MP3 Player – it’d be on there.

Will you still be my friend?

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  1. Annika

    I’ll tell you a secret, if you promise not to spread the word: I love it too, embarrassing though it may be. Scchhh!! πŸ˜‰

  2. sognatrice

    In the interest of full disclosure (yours), let it also be known that a certain PH song lovin’ gal BROKE INTO IT in my kitchen.

    I knew you couldn’t resist the dare. And Peppe thinks *I’ve* ruined you?!


  3. Nadine

    Well that’s a tough one…okay I thought about and my answer is YES!

    Thank you for being honest and open.

  4. Giulia

    OK, I’ll forgive you for liking the song. But if you say that you love her attempt at trying to speak Italian and saying “Meglio cambiare, no?” in those soft porn commercials she had made…I might not be so forgiving! πŸ˜›

  5. Cherrye

    Grazie Mille, Annika. It is kinda addictive, isn’t it??

    NYC – (embarrased smile)

    Sognatrice – THAT was only after drinking a few glasses of Salvatore’s homemade vino. Just wait – you’ll slip one day, too!!

    Thank you for being understanding, Nadine. No one is perfect, right??

    Giula – I actually do not LIKE Paris at all. I first heard the song on the video channel and was dancing along. Imagine my horror when I saw who was singing (or maybe it is only lip service?!?)

  6. Louise

    Tooooo funny!…maybe she can sing it to all her friends in the slammer….okay that was mean sorry!!! that is a crazy scene.
    Thanks for your total honesty!!

  7. Rich

    Fine, fine, fine, I’ll stop stalking and start commenting! But at least when I stopped blog-stalking it was by sticking myself and my wife into a tin can for a combined total of 24.5 hours, an additional 13 hours of layovers, and 1400 miles on our rental car! πŸ™‚

    I have to admit that I had to drink a third glass of the vino to cope with your admission.

  8. Cassie

    I haven’t heard the song, but I feel like this is par with the confession that “Blue Crush” is on my all-time favorite movie list. So, of course I’ll still be your friend. πŸ™‚

  9. G

    I don’t really know what to say. But I’ll be your friend anyway, I mean with any luck this could just be a phase. Right?

  10. Cherrye

    Louise – Ha ha…funny.

    Rich – You wanted that wine…you know you did. You are using Me (and Paris) as an excuse!

    Wow, Cassie. Blue Crush? Yea, we are pretty much 1-1.

    G – one can only hope!

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