Amalfi Coast

Sentiero Degli Dei, Amalfi Coast

Take A Hike! Hiking in Southern Italy

Southern Italy’s untapped rugged beauty with varying degrees of mountains and valleys, long winding shorelines, and let’s not forget, some of the largest and most protected national parks and reserves in Italy, make it the perfect place to visit if you love nature and hiking. You don’t have to be an expert to experience all...
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Recipes from the Amalfi Coast

Pasta with Anchovies and Walnuts Recipe

Either loved or feared, anchovies are a staple of Italian cooking, especially along the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy’s Campania region. Called alici in Italian, these little fish are prepared in many local specialties. Laura Thayer, an American expat who lives on the Amalfi Coast, shares with My Bella Vita a traditional recipe from Amalfi for...
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Southern Italy Book Series: Campania

Welcome to the Southern Italy Books Series – a place to share about all the great books set in southern Italy! If you’re like me and love geting lost in good story set in Italy or read about a new place before traveling, then this series will help you find the perfect book. Let’s kick...
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Southern Italy Snapshots: Campania

Through the Southern Italy Snapshots series we’ve visited four of Italy’s southern-most regions, including world-famous Sicily, popular Puglia, laid-back Basilicata and my adopted home region and personal favorite, Calabria. Today, we are heading a bit north into another one of my favorite regions, Campania. Campania is the most-traveled region in southern Italy and with its...
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Celebrating Capodanno in Southern Italy

Although this is technically my fifth December in the bel paese, I’ve only celebrated New Years in Italy once … three years ago, where the Prosecco flowed like, well, Prosecco, our happy feet overtook the dance floor and Italian “Bingo” and Karaoke filled the evening leading up to the explosive fireworks that overtook our little...
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Positano Romantic Spots Amalfi Coast Campania Italy

Experiencing Italy: Windows on the Amalfi Coast, by Laura Thayer

Last week we heard all about an expat in Rome’s favorite Italian experience … meeting her neighbors. Today’s guest, Laura Thayer, author of Ciao Amalfi!, shares an Italy experience of her own. Like me, Laura has dedicated her travel writing career to promoting southern Italy and I’m happy to have her today. Please welcome her...
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