Sila Fridays: Ristorante della Posta in Villaggio Mancuso

Welcome back to Sila Fridays! We’ve toured the mountains and visited a quaint Alpine village … and all of that walking around has made me hungry. You?

Then I know just the place we can go.

There are no more than a handful of reputable eatin’ joints on the road to Villaggio Mancuso in Sila Piccola but none is as charming – and I have been to a few of them – than Ristorante della Posta.

This place is *so* perfect, in fact that my husband and I chose it for our very special and molto romantico first anniversary lunch last month.

A light snow had fallen the night before we went and remnants remained on the rooftops and in the nearby trees.

Ristorante della Posta is located inside Albergo della Posta and is adjacent to Bar della Posta.


When you walk into the building you are greeted by a friendly desk attendant who will personally escort you into the restaurant. Smiling faces welcome you as you are offered your choice of a table … “Near the window?” They will ask, “Or close to the fireplace?”

The restaurant radiates class, while the rustic walls offer comfort and a casual, mountain-lodge flair.

Mountain-grown porcini mushrooms and hearty meat dishes are the best choices but I can’t actually make a recommendation. The menu changes daily. I can tell you the porcini risotto I ordered was among the best I’ve had in Italy and the homemade pasta my husband had was fresh and filling.

The portions were generous. The servers courteous. The atmosphere enchanting …

So next time you find yourself near Villaggio Mancuso, head over to Ristorante della Posta. You can thank me later.

Here is the address.

Albergo della posta
Viale E. Mancuso
Villaggio Mancuso, Catanzaro 88055

Speaking of food, be sure to check out Mary’s addition to our La Buona Cucina Americana recipe box!

Buon Weekend!

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  1. j

    So how often do you guys eat out? There are so many great restaurants in Italy, but I think that Italians don’t eat out that often.
    Yea, I’d definitely say the eating out culture is different here than in the US. We go out once a week, though, I’d say. Here in the south the BIG difference I see is eating out at lunch. I love having lunch out with friends. We’ve been out to lunch and are literally the only ppl eating there. Also A LOT of restaurants here are not open for lunch or they don’t serve pizza at lunch – only at dinner!!

  2. Wish I could jump on a vespa and head right over. If only….
    Come on… come on! I’ll wait up!
    My Melange’s last blog post..Travel Photo Friday : Trier Cathedral

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