Carnevale has come and gone, and much too soon, I might add. It was somewhat overshadowed for me this year by other pressing international events.
I mean, why, oh why did Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday coincide? I meant to vote for Hillary Clinton, but ended up writing in Audrey Tautou. Damn, those hurricanes! Damn them! She’s not even American.

To top it all off, I was in a self-induced diabetic stupor from an over-indulgence of homemade chocolatey delights. Ah, yes. Yesterday was International World Nutella Day. And, I celebrated. Well.

I also had the honor of being rescued a few days ago by a high-flying, web-tossing super hero. The American in me was taken aback when Superman showed up on my steps, and I immediately pondered the idea of offering him candy.

Lucky for me, he accepted a glass of water.

And, now, the never-ending, guilt-induced Catholic question of the year.

What will I give up?

What will I give up?

Well, that’s easy.

Nutella and Politics…

Were there ever two things more at odds?

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  1. Cherrye

    thanks! I was having problems opening the site (my computer crashed EVERY time I tried)…I will adjust!

    I could go for one, too! When you visit us in Calabria, it’ll be first on the list!

  2. Cherrye

    Erin and Andrea – OK, OK…I lied. I am not giving up politics – or chocolate!

    I am at a loss.

    At least I didn’t eat meat today!

  3. Cherrye

    Ha ha ha…YES – I KNOW that is Spiderman. I was just seeing if you guys were paying attention!

    Brava, Michelle…you passed!

  4. Louise

    OH my goodness OH my goodness….why didn’t I read this sooner…..I HEART Nutella with all my HEART!!! I cannot believe that there is a world nutella day and I MISSED IT!!! I am so there next year and nothing can stop!!
    As for Lent….Yup Nutella is it for me and all other things chocolate…only 39days to it possible???

  5. maddiesmommy&daddy

    I personally don’t give up anything for Lent. I don’t feel like that gets me any closer to Christ. My husband and I “do” something for Lent. We try to volunteer somewhere or help out at the church. We try to make Lent about being disciples for Christ in this Holy time rather than focusing on giving up something. So, yes, we eat our chocolate, drink our caffeine and do it happily in the name of discipling for Christ!

  6. Cherrye

    Wow, Louise! That was a hard one. I am SURE you can do it, though! I have faith in ya. Did you go over to the website to see all of the recipes?

    Actually, don’t do it. At least until Easter!

    Hey Brandi! Where have you been hiding out?? Last year I spent one hour each day doing something nice for someone else. THAT WAS HARD! This year I’m going to modify that. Maybe I’ll post!

    J – That movie was great, but very odd. And, I can’t really give up politics! That’s too much! 🙂

  7. Antonino Condorelli

    So Cherrye I WANT TO TRY YOUR NUTELLA . For one day I say hallo to the diet, and eat a big glass of your golouse new nutella. right?

  8. Cherrye

    Joe-Olive Oil?? That is like giving up BLOOD!

    Antonino – Sure! Come try some. Do you want the low-fat version, though? If so, you will have to jog here from your house with Mario on your shoulders!! ha ha

    Nadine – I am all over it! 🙂

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