Yes, friends, I have a confession to make. It’s not as lovely as some, or as jarring as others, but a confession all the same.

I lied.

I lied to you.

I did not – and can not – give up politics for Lent.

In fact, I didn’t even try!

I did, however, manage to get my honey to – for the first time in his Catholic life – give up something. And, boy was that fun!

He pondered, put off, and pondered some more.

“I could give up bread,” he proudly exclaimed.

“Would that include pizza? Sandwiches? Snacks??”

“Oh, yea – that would never work!”

“I could give up cheese!”

(insert incredulous look here)

“You’re right. I’d die!”

“Then, sweets. It has to be sweets!”

And, so it is.

In an incredible twist of irony, the following morning there were FIVE leftover cornetti from Il Cedro’s breakfast rush.

“God has a cruel sense of humor…” was all he could say, as he shared the wealth of chocolaty goodness with the construction workers…twice!

I, on the other hand, am giving something this year, rather than giving something up. Each day, I will do at least one nice thing for someone else. I have also decided, and this is not to reduce inspection by those around me, that, when possible, I will not tell the person I have done something nice for them. This is a self-monitored Lenten sacrifice. No check-ups, please!

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  1. Giulia

    I once tried given up bread and then thought the same thing…no pizza?

    As a matter of fact I’ve thought of given up something or another from pretty much everything from the basic food group and have failed each and every time!

    So, I have given up giving up things for Lent! đŸ˜‰

  2. maddiesmommy&daddy

    I love it Cherrye! I am with you on doing rather than giving up something. It makes it much easier to feel good about Lent.

    Instead of whining each time the sweets passed me last night at Book Club, I happily indulged. I did however host and invite two new neighbors who are feeling a little left out since we have a really tight little group here on our street.

    I think its great that during Lent we can feel great about what we’re doing rather than sorry for forgetting and eating the sweet in a moment of absolute weakness!

    Only 38 days to go now for Pep and his no sweets! Hey, who knows though maybe the sweets he shared will get you into that gorgeous house sooner!

  3. Texas Espresso

    Usually at Lent I am glad I am Baptist! lol just kidding, I have in fact given up things for Lent even as a Baptist – bacon (UGH so hard), chocolate (SO MUCH HARDER) and sodas – in the past. To this day, I still don’t drink many sodas – it totally broke my habit. I wonder why it didn’t work with the chocolate and bacon….

    This year, I didn’t give up anything but am trying to eat more fruits and veggies instead of delicious fat filled fried and/or chocolate foods. hehe good luck to me =)

  4. Nadine

    I love that Cherrye what you are doing. I think that’s great to do something nice for someone instead of giving something up. It will honor God more than you know.

  5. Cherrye

    Giula – ha ha! That is funny. Pizza would be very hard!

    J – NOW I get it! (he he) Looks like we were on the same page!

    Brandi! This is harder than I thought, though. The other night I was getting ready for bed and I thought, “Crap! I havent done anything NICE all day!” (I had to do two things the next day.) It does make you think, though.

    Poor Pep. He is struggling.

    Good luck, Stacy! I did the same thing with sodas one year. That was 8 years ago, and I still dont really like them.

    Arlene – It isnt easy. I have the Catholic guilt tossed in, so I have to. At my old job, all of the non-Catholics would join in with “us” and give up stuff together. That helped!

    Thanks, Nadine. Like I said, it makes you think. I am trying to not count things I would normally do that are “nice,” but that is hard. I am just such a nice gal! lol

  6. Louise

    Oh my goodness I am having those Nutella withdrawals!! eeek!! how many days left??
    That is a great idea that you had to do something nice everyday…I like that and to do it without others knowing even better! You go girl!!

  7. cupcake

    I gave up cussin’ and hollerin’, and let’s just say that my abstinence needs some work. I had no idea how frequently I swear. And yell. I’m also trying to say something kind and encouraging to students of mine who work my last nerve. THAT, my friend, is h-a-r-d.

  8. Cherrye

    Hang in there, Louise! You can do it!!!

    LOL, Cupcake. I gave up cussin’ one year. I didn’t too well, actually. It does make you realize how much you do it. This is making me realize how little I do for other people. I am kinda ashamed!

  9. Marmie

    Makes me think about the time that I put little “gifts or tokens” in the teachers workboxes at school, and they never knew
    who the giver was. It was so much fun for
    me, and I overheard them thanking their best
    friends, who kept protesting that it didn’t
    come from them!

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