Love Thursday: Planning a Wedding


It only seems appropriate that a post about wedding planning should coincide with Love Thursday. As you might remember, Peppe and I got engaged Americana-style last summer. We’re planning a Fall wedding in Texas. Seven months to go. We are in that “we’ve-done-so-much-yet-there-is-still-so-much-to-do phase of the planning. But, we are also in the stage between major-decision making and minute-detail planning that leaves little to do on a daily, or even weekly basis. This does not, however, discourage my mother from asking every couple of days, “What have you done for the wedding?” To which my normal reply, “Nothing new,” is usually met with, “Are we still having a wedding?”

Seriously. She asks me this at least 3 times a month.

The things I have observed in these planning moments, when Peppe and I talk about, not only our imminent vows, and the following festivities, but when we talk about our future, have been amazing. We are having a great time planning our wedding and I cherish these moments. This major life event has brought us closer in ways unimaginable, even to my day-dreamer self.

As a former wedding planner, I’ve seen my share of couples in the midst of wedding planning woes. We haven’t had this issue. Yes, we have different thoughts of what our ideal wedding would be, but we haven’t had one argument (knock on wood), one misunderstanding, or even, and this in itself is astonishing – one forced compromise. After knowing each other so long we know what is important to the other, and we allow for that. It’s working for us.

And, now the fun part. We have limitless options (on a limited budget) for our viaggio di nozze and, to be honest, we are somewhat overwhelmed.

– We’ve done a lot of Europe, so many of these cultural delights are out of contention.
– We both hate to be cold so “X” Canada, Northern Europe, and even the northern states in America.
– We’d love to see Egypt or Morocco, both of which are seen better with a tour, and thus not a romantic holiday!
– Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti – all bellissimi choices, but, a little $$ for the moment…

So…we are working on it. It is fun; we can plan and dream. We can talk about our future and imagine only the good things to come. We can drift in and out of our daydreams with the sensation we need to “pinched” to be awakened.

What a wonderful thing!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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  1. KC

    We got married in October (well actually, we got married in July, and then again in October) and my dh didn’t want to take the honeymoon then because of the weather issue. So we’ll be going in June. It’s a bit disappointing not going right after the wedding, but it’s one solution to the fall/winter wedding problem.

    What about Tunisia? I knew a guy who used to go there often on his own, and he said it wasn’t that hard to get around.

  2. Erin

    Wedding planning was so fun for us, too. We never stressed about it. That’s great that you guys are having fun and just enjoying this stage. Good luck with the honeymoon decisions!

  3. j

    We were married in March and went to Isle Mujeres (Island of Women…hmmm)an island off Cancun Mexico. It was wonderful, and we are still married!

  4. Nadine

    Planning a wedding is fun…you have a great attitute. I remember our wedding and all the planning that goes into a day that when it finally gets here goes quickly. It seems you’re planning for the days after also which last much longer.

    Have fun choosing a place to honeymoon.

  5. Michellanea

    I am a planner by nature so I thought that the planning of the wedding would be “fun.” Well, what I learned about myself is that I like planning things that actually interest me (trips, events, dinners, work-related things) and the decisions involved in wedding planning interested me very little. I also realized that while in theory the wedding is “your” day, it actually is not just about you. I think the day was just as – if not more – important to our families – in every picture both our mothers are radiant and beaming. We never even took a honeymoon (We both went right back to work almost immediately after. Sigh…), but the good thing about that is that now every trip I take I say “Let’s do it up. I mean, we never really had a honeymoon!”

  6. Gabriella

    I just found your blog and I love it, my husband is from the southern part of Italy, Cosenza.
    To put my two cents in, we went to Paris and Nice for our honeymoon.
    And don’t knock Canada ;-), Toronto isn’t that cold in October!!

  7. Cassie

    Aw, what a wonderful Love Thursday post! It sounds like you’re having a fun time planning it, which is how it seems it should be. So, Texas for the wedding, eh? I heart Texas.
    Happy Love Thursday!

  8. Louise

    Sounds exciting all this planning!! My wedding seems like so long ago and there would be so many things we would do differently, like for example we would elope…get married on a beach somewhere!! LOL
    Have fun planning your big day!! i BTW-Canadian Fall is beautiful, not too cold!! LOL

  9. Anonymous

    I love your story! It gives me hope. I just started a relationship like yours. I met my boyfriend in Milan, we fell in love and I just got back home from being with him. I miss him so much! How did you do it for so long? He is coming to Portland to visit me this summer and I can’t wait! I am sure your wedding will be beautiful. Have you two been to Greece? If not, it’s beautiful and romantic! Might be good for your honeymoon. I’m glad I found your blog and I am thinking about putting up my own soon, in the mean time, I’ll look to your for inspiration!

    <3 Liz

  10. PastorMac's Ann

    ” It is fun; we can plan and dream. We can talk about our future and imagine only the good things to come. We can drift in and out of our daydreams with the sensation we need to “pinched” to be awakened.”

    Wonderful! Just wonderful.

    I’m sure that you’ll pick just the right place, but truly wherever you are together will be lovely.

    Happy LT.

  11. Bongga Mom

    Congratulations, and have fun planning the wedding and honeymoon! Have you considered the Caribbean — it is relatively near Texas and it’s nice and tropical.

  12. Gabriella

    To answer your comment on my post, we are planning to visit Cosenza once my daughter gets a little older, perhaps next summer!

  13. Ola

    Hi! It’s great to hear that you’re planning your wedding! I’m in the process of wedding-planning too, but ours is mid-Sept 2007. đŸ™‚ Hi from West-Coast Canada!

  14. Cherrye

    Thanks for the support everyone. We are having fun (at least until we get the final bill, right??)

    KC, J, and Bongga Mom – thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check out those places, too.

    Michellanea – You are right – it is definitely not just “our” day, but that is ok with us. As long as we are invited… ha

    Welcome “anonymous” and GOOD LUCK with your LD thing. Please email me anytime!

    Ola – congrats! Yours is getting close…are you ready?

  15. Isabelle

    Hi ! I’ve just discovered your blog through Shelley’s one.
    Concerning your honeymoon, I would highly recommend India (during the autumn or winter, the weather’s better), you can visit it in the best conditions (with a driver, and really luxurious hotels) for quite a cheap fee ! We went there this winter and it was my best vacation ever !!

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